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Why the Primal Necessity of Showing the Real You Leads to Success



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In today’s society, where conformity has become the norm, it has become tough to find real people. In our efforts to fit in we dress, behave, and eat the same as everyone else, forgetting our individuality is what makes us remarkable. Of course, acting in a certain way makes you fit in with particular crowds.

But why would you want to be the same as everyone else when you can stand out by being unapologetically real? Research indicates that people who show their authentic selves are more successful than those who try to fit in with the crowd. Read on to find out why the primal necessity of showing a real you leads to success.

Accept yourself as you are

In recent times, authentic people are the minority, but, fortunately, more people are learning the benefits of remaining unique and going against the norm. You have a purpose that nobody who has ever lived or who will ever live doesn’t have. Being unapologetically real leads you to discover your purpose. Until you conclude peace with yourself and let yourself be yourself, you, most likely can’t build a strong relationship with somebody who you like.

You are confident

Being confident is not easy, and the best place to develop and improve it is by starting at the source, you. Being yourself makes you a unique person. You can identify your strengths as well as weaknesses, which enables you to have higher self-esteem. Your weaknesses can no longer be used against you because you have already accepted them. You can stick up for your beliefs without caring what anyone will think of you.

Confidence in your true abilities pushes you to take risks that a person who is used to conforming to societal standards would not. Furthermore, confidence attracts confidence. A confident, authentic person draws people who have the same qualities which gets you a supportive group of friends.

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brene Brown

You have an open mind/passionate

One of the best benefits of being the real you is that you have an open mind. You accept that you can’t have control over your thoughts all the time and hence are more open to ideas. The beliefs of others don’t confine you, and you accept that you are not all-knowing. You pile up ideas on ways to approach different situations hence strengthening yourself. By having an open mind, you know that mistakes happen and that there is the possibility of failure. You use your mistakes as an opportunity to learn other people’s perspectives and make yourself better.

You live in the moment

Tomorrow is not promised. Why would you take for granted this gift of life by wasting it trying to be someone you are not? The best time to be the real you is now. When a person decides to live in the moment, their lives become happier and more satisfied. Enjoying every little time you have now makes you more present-minded. Instead of spending your time regretting or worrying about your past or what the future may bring, why don’t you simply enjoy the present you have?

We sometimes make the mistake of having expectations on ourselves that are too high to achieve leading to disappointments. Many people give up when things don’t work out the way they would like. Maybe you have been waiting for that promotion for a year now, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. Accept your reality and keep working hard towards your goal trusting that it will happen eventually.

You are authentic

As it is about art portraits ‘be an original.’ An original is worth more than a fake. Although there is no easy road to success, you can make your journey easier by being authentic. Authenticity means that your decisions are not affected by pressures from outside influences. It means going against the norms and standing for your beliefs. Genuine people become successful. Decision making becomes a bit easier because you are better able to say no to things you don’t support.

You trust your instincts more and can differentiate between honest people and those that are not. When building a business, you definitely don’t want to be surrounded by people who are dishonest with you. People will trust the quality of your work. People who don’t feel the need to make excuses for their mistakes are admirable.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle

You don’t owe anyone anything

Do you often feel the need to explain your actions to people? Or are you one of those who apologize for everything? It is about time you stop doing that. You don’t owe anyone anything. Be unapologetically yourself, you will be happier. Why should you apologize for being you? We usually ask for so little for ourselves forgetting that we deserve all the love, kindness and care that we give to others.

When you embrace that and love the reflection you see in the mirror, you become more confident and can go for your goals knowing you deserve it. You hear people say things like, ‘I owe my boss a lot for giving me this promotion,’ or ‘I owe my spouse a lot for sticking with me’. Don’t mistake gratitude for debt. If you worked for it, you deserved it. You don’t owe anything to anyone except yourself.

You remember how to dream

Living your life as someone you aren’t can be very stressful and might even feel like a battle you have to fight every day. Your thoughts become constrained to a particular way of thinking. However, once you embrace the real you, life becomes a bit easier. You are less stressed, and you can be creative and passionate about dreams you have been locking away.

Can you imagine just how happy you’d be if you lived your life doing what you love? Why would you want to live in this world fulfilling other people’s dreams and putting yours on hold? You were born to shine. You will be doing an injustice to the world by hiding that light.

It is both mentally and physically exhausting going about every day of your life pretending to be something you aren’t. Walk in your own shoes that fit instead of walking in someone else’s that may be too small for you. If you can’t be yourself who else can you be?

Kevin Whalez is a relationship coach specializing in breakups and divorce and a freelance blogger as well. He is into writing articles where he gives give recommendations on how to handle mental and health issues. He currently runs Potency Up resource.

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