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Here’s How Your Relationships Determines Your Happiness



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Happiness, this simple pronounceable word is far greater than we think. There is nothing in this world that compares to being happy. Okay, does money compare, does wealth compare, do friends and family compare?

None of those things compare. What is the essence of the money you have when you are not even happy for once? That said, there are a lot of factors or things that contribute to our happiness. However, the most vital of all these things are your relationships. 

Relationship means the emotional connection between people. Where there is a relationship, there is an emotion. However, emotion means any strong feeling you can have for something or someone. So, when you have a relationship with someone it means you have strong feelings for them. 

But, since being in any kind of relationship is a big deal it then means that the relationships we keep can affect our lives a lot. But why? Well, because there is a strong feeling involved. 

A lot of people are pursuing happiness, they want to be happy at all costs, they just want to keep smiling with no ounce of sadness. However, they find that hard to do, they just think they can’t be happy no matter what, some even think happiness is not for them. 

One thing you should know is, no matter who you are or what you may be, if you really want to be happy you need the right relationships. Your relationship matters a lot. But, ask yourself these questions:

  • What kind of relationship am I in right now?
  • Has this relationship benefitted me?
  • How happy have I been ever since in this relationship?
  • How has my life improved positively? 

Find your answers. 

How does your relationship determine your happiness?

Being in a relationship, friendly relationship, love relationship, or blood-related relationship (your family), means you are strongly connected emotionally, strongly connected means love is involved. It is really risky when love is involved.

For example, a girl broke up with her boyfriend due to the boyfriend’s fault. However, the guy loves his girl a lot, what do you think will happen after the breakup? It is either he commits suicide, drink, and smoke (especially if he has not done such before), or even get involved in an accident of any form. 

Why do you think such a thing will happen to the guy? It’s because of love, it’s because of emotion. And that is how a lot of people who want to be happy are. They are in relationships that are not helpful and yet, they still want to be happy.

You want to be happy and yet, your friends argue and fight with you every day? You break up every second with your girlfriend/boyfriend? Your husband or wife fight with you every day? Your children also are not peaceful with each other?

In essence, you can never be happy if you are in a relationship like that. They fight with you every day, argue every day, they say words that hurt you every day, and you still expect yourself to be happy?

If you are a married man/woman, at your workplace, you may be happy and smile all you want but, remembering that you are still going back home can immediately bring sorrow to your heart. Because you know your home is not at peace.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” – Dalai Lama

Peace is the signature of happiness. Wherever there is peace, there is happiness. As a student, Knowing that your parents’ fight with each other may not want you to return home because you know violence is the order of the day in your home. 

Your relationships matter a lot because they really contribute to whether you become happy or not. And a lot of people are in relationships like this but they also want to be happy, they also want peace, however, the sad part is, no matter how much they want to be happy, they still can’t leave and say goodbye to their relationships. 

Why? Because love is present. Because their emotions are strongly connected and because they have a relationship. Over to you, what relationships do you keep or what relationship are you in? Is it peaceful or not? Never forget, peace is the signature of happiness. Where there is peace there is happiness. 

Ask yourself: “what relationship am I in”? How has it benefited me in any way? How has my mental health improved ever since I am in this relationship? Does this relationship make me happy or not?

If your answer to these questions is capital NO, then you should try to get out of those relationships or discuss how to work things out so that there will be peace in your life. And, you should know that the opposite of happiness is sadness and depression. So, get out of your unpeaceful relationships and start a new life afresh. 

Additionally, never forget that our Lord and Savior Jesus is the prince of peace, if you have Jesus in your life, you have eternal life and peace. 

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