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Follow These 5 Steps to Find Your Inspiration When You Feel Lost



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Life can come at us really fast sometimes. When you expect things to go smoothly, they might not. Things might even be smooth at some point, and in the twinkling of an eye, you are moving against the tide and battling the raging storm. Life can be complicated.

We all have a point in our lives when we are enthusiastic about something. But years down the line, you realize that you’ve lost that enthusiasm and you even know it. Bit by bit, one at a time, life can beat your inspiration and motivation out of you. At this point, you lose the drive to pursue your goals.

When you go through this stage in life, you must stay inspired. At those times, when you feel lost, down, and low, giving up shouldn’t be an option in any circumstance. Inspiration brings out the innovation and creativity in you and might be what keeps you going. So, how do you find inspiration when you are lost?

These five steps will help you find your inspiration and motivation:

1. Be calm

This might not be the ‘big’ tip that you are expecting, but it’s certainly what you need. It is simple, perhaps too simple for you to consider at this point. But it’s the most important thing that you should do. Instinctively, people tend to panic when they feel lost or find themselves in situations that feel beyond them. But fear only worsens the slight issue on the ground and makes it more prominent in our eyes.

You are able to see the bigger picture more clearly with a calm head. The truth is, we can’t have it all figured out. Even among the deluge of ‘evidence’ on social media that makes it look like others have their lives sorted, all of those things are faux.

In reality, our life is always moving and molded into the conditions we find ourselves in. These present conditions also mold us for future ones. So, you must handle every situation with a clear and calm head to make the right decisions.

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” – Amelia Barr

2. Focus on your passion

You once had a goal that you were pursuing, but life beat it out of you. Now you are lost and do not know what to do. You should know that you are not the first person in that situation and you won’t be last either. The best way to come out of this condition is to focus on your passion. You lost your drive and motivation, but your love didn’t change.

Give yourself a new goal and vision. Pursue your passion. As long as you continue to seek the things that you love, you will find your way again.

3. Have a healthy outlet

We all must have that outlet where we can pour out our pains, worries, and sadness. It is essential for our mental and emotional growth. Rather than sulk up in the situation that you find yourself, speak to someone or people that you can trust to help you through that period. They should also be able to motivate you and ensure that you have the right mindset.

You must remain positive even if you are feeling lost. However, you won’t do this if you are stuck with yourself in your thoughts. You should channel that energy somewhere, especially if you have no one to talk to. You can pick up a pen and write about your experience and what you expect from yourself within a timeframe. You can also express yourself in music, dancing, or playing sport. Whatever it is, have a healthy outlet and do what makes you happy.

4. Discover yourself

In one sentence, you are feeling lost because you haven’t found or discovered yourself. It means that you are on your way to discovering yourself. Everyone’s journey is different. It would be best if you didn’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure by trying to compare it with others.

Knowing yourself is a different kind of knowledge. It is vital as it helps you to connect to what inspires you. It also steers your life in the right direction and gives the needed guidance.

Knowing yourself is beyond the knowledge of your favorite food or color. It means knowing your purpose, finding your inner strength, emotional capacity, etc. This will help you make the right decisions to move you forward. It works the same way physically, you hate to eat burgers; so you can’t be a customer at Mc Donalds.

“There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking.” – Brian Tracy

5. Face the moment

You have to face what’s in front of you to find the inspiration to move forward. If you can’t tackle your problems head-on, you will only be moving around in cycles of anxiety and stress. In the end, it leads to depression. You have to find ways to combat your thoughts. And the best, most natural way to do this is through exercises such as meditation and yoga.

These practices help to move your attention away from the worries and thoughts distracting you. And it helps you find calmness amid concern.

We all have moments that when we feel down and out. It’s important that you can look through the chaos and find inspiration to move forward. Being calm, focusing on your passion, having a healthy outlet, discovering yourself, and facing the storm are ways to find inspiration to move forward.

Emma Coffinet produces content for websites, blogs, articles, white paper, social media platforms, and essay writer service. She is keen on capturing the attention of a target audience. She puts a lot of research effort along with the analysis before shaping her texts into a final piece. Feel free to connect with her on Twitter.

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