8 Amazing Life Lessons From Gordon Ramsay's AMA
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I stumbled upon Gordon Ramsay’s AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit recently and I must say, it contains a ton of valuable advice.

Within the amazing amount of information that is filled with questions asking him about his favorite food to the technical details of his shows, lies some amazing life lessons that can inspire you in your journey to success. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an aspiring chef or not.

I’ve picked out the best for you. Check them out below:


1. Never let your thirst for knowledge die out

You have to be on student-mode all the time. Whatever it is you want to do in life, keep doing it. Keep learning and keep trying new things. Never let your thirst for knowledge die.

Tell yourself that it is never enough. However much you think you have learnt or have within you, you’re always a student. So don’t get complacent.


2. Let it go, don’t hold it in; get it off your chest

Release things that are negative within! Don’t hold it in for too long. There’s nothing worse than feeling all that repressed energy inside of you.

That’s not to say you need to shout or scream whenever you feel like you need to let something out though. Do what suits you. Take a break, breathe, meditate or just talk to someone.  Just don’t hold it in until it affects your work.


3. Stay true to yourself

Gordon Ramsay willingly and proudly says he’s a chef, no matter what. What are you?

I think it’s easy to get lost in the sea of life today. We attach ourselves too easily to different identities, such as the name of our jobs, until we forget our own roots. That’s how we become unhappy, unmotivated and eventually lost.

Stick to your roots. Never forget who you are. Have your one passion and hold on to it tightly. Let these be your guide in life.


4. Find quality time to spend with yourself

Everybody needs their own space from time to time! This is where you get to recharge, relax and breathe. We can’t work all the time. We all need time to ourselves. Go do something that you love doing, that brings you peace. Go to a place where your mind is clear.

It may sound simple enough, but taking time for yourself needs to be an active choice. We can’t always stick to the daily grind. You can tire yourself out and lose motivation.


5. Manage your time well and vehemently stick to it to make things work

Make a plan, create good habits, do the work daily and don’t slip. There’re no excuses here. If you want to get the results you want, you need to have a plan and a daily schedule that will keep you motivated.

Also, stand by your convictions. Whatever goal you’ve set for yourself, always work towards it and never give up.


6. Keep doing what you love and let it inspire others

Show as much as you can who you are, who you’re with and where you are. Let what you are doing, inspire others.

As said in the previous point, stick to your roots and stay true to yourself. Work really hard and be really good at it. That is how you inspire others.


7. Open up your eyes and broaden your horizons 


Whether it is what you love or how you live your life, your world isn’t the world. There’s always so much more to learn out there. Get out there, travel, meet new people and expose yourself to different things so you can truly experience things on a different level.


8. Don’t be scared to take a break

By far my favorite answer towards a disillusioned young chef. It’s a little wordy, but well worth it!

That is when you need to start being extremely honest with yourself. Ask yourself the honest, but terrifying questions and don’t give up. Don’t be afraid to take a break. Sometimes we need to take a step back to find the answers we seek. The bigger picture is always there for you.


Thank you for reading my article. Please leave your comments below!


  1. Simple and practical advice. I think we put to much emphasis on complicated solutions while this is more my style straight forward and to the point.

  2. These are some great life lesson that I totally agree with. Staying true to yourself, doing what you love, and never letting your thirst for knowledge die out are some of the lessons that stuck out to me the most. These are all things that can help keep you happy. I think it takes much work to get to a place where you dont let society dictate who you are and staying true to yourself, but when you you take the time to find out who you are and what you want in life, you truly know what freedom tastes like.

    • I like how you said what freedom tastes like.

      It sounds easy, but doing it is tough. Not caring about what others think is an art.

  3. Hey Alden! Thanks for sharing the Reddit thread. That’s a long thread but you’re right, there are plenty of valuable responses that Gordon made there! Such a great guy. I’ve always believed in him.

    • He sure is! I was surprised myself. I don’t watch his shows, but I heard of how he’s the Simon Cowell of cooking. He seems so different in his AMA.

  4. Sometimes the best way to know how good life is, is to have time to relax, get out of the country and you will realize what is the most important in your Life

  5. Some great advice , im not too familiar with Gordan but his advice was great.

    #5 on time management was one of the ones that really stuck , 15-16 Hours a day. Helped me realize that I have a lot more time to put in before I reach the level of success I want to reach.

    Stepping back when you feel overworked always stuck.


    • Yeah. If you manage it well, you can get lots done. I don’t know about others, but I work well and get the most done under a deadline. That’s when I choose not to distract myself the most.


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