what are the qualities of a winner
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Winners are able to develop their utmost potential. Winners are able to accomplish results that are of great value to others. Examples can be seen in winners such as:

  • Elon Musk is protecting our world and environment through electric cars and reducing the burning of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide
  • Tai Lopez is increasing the IQ of human beings through encouraging reading, growth and development on a global scale
  • Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are breaking records and drilling 3’s to inspire future athletes.

Winners make the most of their lives, talents, and potential. Sharing it with others helps them win in their own lives.

Here are the 4 most important qualities all winners possess:

1. Positive self-image for positive results

Having a positive paradigm and perspective starts with self-image. Self-image is where your actions, thought processes, and reasoning/rationale come into play. Before making any decisions, you unconsciously go into yourself and ask “is this something that I would do?”. So to start changing your life, you have to start with your self-image.

Your self-image is what dictates the actions and behaviours you’re in alignment with. You want yourself to clearly visualize your best self and establish what values your best self would embody – dictating all future behaviours and actions off of that self-image. It’ll take discipline, but using the tool of visualization can greatly help you embed your goals, desires and ambitions deep into your consciousness as a constant reminder.


2. Visualization actualizes our self-image

Visualization gives us the tools and resources through our imagination and creativity to imagine a life we would want to live. We can override our current thoughts and emotions through relentless repetition to improve our subconscious mechanisms and self-image.

Our subconscious is unable to tell the difference between something that is real and something that is vividly, deeply imagined. Memorize what it is and who it is you want to be. To get and become what you want out of life, you need to clearly understand what it is you want.

Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Will Smith are a few examples of successful people who use visualization to achieve their goals.

“No wind blows in favour of a ship without a destination.”

3. Work smart by being resourceful

Visualization is a major key to having positive self-direction, but so is knowing what the landscape looks like in the field that we want to achieve our goals. We need to have an awareness of what it is we want to create, where we want to go, and how to get there. Execute properly through the help of experts who have succeeded in the endeavours that we want to take on.

Great resources are available – from books, the Internet, school, mentors, role models, and seminars – that allow us to learn about our fields of interest. Experts sharing their knowledge allows you to be able to navigate the terrain with more awareness and direction in knowing what to do and where to go. The knowledge of others helping us along our journey, it helps us to be able to realize our dreams.


4. Develop support through positive relationships

What do all Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe winners have in common? They thank the people who supported them & their goals that help get them where they are today.

People who positively encourage us and accept us for who we are, are vital to developing a healthy self-esteem and self-image. One of the most important qualities of a parent or leader is positive encouragement of their children and employees towards the development of self-worth.

Through having a positive self-image and self-esteem, we are able to be positively self-directed in this world, having the tools, resources and wherewithal to rely on ourselves and our support system to navigate through difficult terrain.

Winners review and reflect with other winners, so it’s important to find positive ambitious people to surround yourself with. By surrounding yourself with winners who you admire and respect, you’re able to get you feedback on your issues and limiting beliefs that you’re blind to and that’s hindering your success. Through creating positive, authentic, loving relationships, you will get the energy and belief to raise your self-image & self-esteem to achieve your goals.

“Whether it’s a friendship or relationship, all bonds are built on trust. Without it, you have nothing.”

If you incorporate these four qualities into your life, it will give you the tools needed to achieve self-actualization and be your best self. When you look back at your life on your deathbed, by embedding these qualities into your life, you will truly feel that you have done your best to make your dreams into a reality.

What qualities would you add to this list? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. Travis the qualities I would like to add to the list are courage and humour. Winners tend to be able to look at situations from a humorous angle and they don’t always have to be serious. They also have extreme courage to do things that no one else has done before even if they are fearful. It takes guts to be bold and do things differently from how they have always been done.

    Thanks for your article and advice Travis.


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