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For more than four decades, Mary Morrissey has been considered the leading expert on dream building and the spiritual side of success. After having the privilege of being mentored and trained by this brilliant individual, I have progressed on to touch even more lives thanks in part to the greater expansion her support and encouragement offered. She’s authored best selling books, speaks and trains on the invisible laws that govern our success and hosts some pretty amazing events for those who dare to pursue their dream lifestyles.

Anyone who’s had the joy of knowing Mary Morrissey always confesses of the magnificence, radiance and poise she exudes. Personally, there are very few female mentors who’ve captivated my heart and I feel that in our modern society we are indeed privileged to have the feminine presence being embodied by such women as Mary.

Every time I speak with someone who desires a better understanding on what Mary does or why this work that we do is so important, there’s always a lingering feeling of overwhelm within the individual once they step into the world of dream building because they often feel like there’s just so much to learn and do.

Which is why I want to simplify it for you today because in essence, whether you are keen on spiritual knowledge or you just want to start producing better results in your life and business, real transformation is crucial.  

Here are simple key principle teachings from Mary that can enable you to do just that:

1. That which is in you is greater than whatever’s going on outside of you

There is greatness in you. A silent creative power dwells within you that can liberate you from whatever bondage, conditions or limitations you feel stuck in. We’ve been taught since birth to look outside of us for power, solutions, love, happiness and sense of value.

In so doing, we’ve impeded our individual access to this power and so our work, should we desire to produce better relationships, more prosperity and freedom in life is about reconnecting to that indwelling power within each of us which is greater than anything on the outside.

You are in truth more powerful than you may think at this point and regardless of what others have told you in the past or how huge the mountain before you seems, you’ve got everything it takes to reach that summit.

This is a powerful idea that takes a while to grow roots in our distorted minds, but once you get it, nothing you face in life or business will ever deter you from your dream.

“The purpose of human life is to serve, and to show compassion and the will to help others.” – Albert Schweitzer

2. You can have your circumstances without your circumstances having you

This second key principle taught by Mary became an anchoring point for me when I was dealing with some really heavy stuff! After spending most of my years in the bosom of poverty in an African slum, it was kinda hard getting in touch with the fact that I could completely eradicate poverty from my life.

Whenever I’ve shared this principle with someone going through “hell”, transformation began. What this principle aims to empower us into, is a knowledge and knowing that – because we have awakened to who we really are, any circumstances no matter how awful can be reversed into something more pleasurable.

Since we are the creators of our conditions, the circumstances cannot possibly gain more power than us unless we give them authority.  This sounds easy on paper, but of course in daily life when we have debt, health crisis, poverty and other limitations knocking on our front door, it requires certain practices to implement.

That’s why I teach others how to develop their mental faculties because only through a highly tamed mind can you stand fearlessly and courageously when faced with threatening conditions. But having learnt of the first principle, unleashing the greatness within you and overcoming circumstances becomes natural.

3. The quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our questions

If you go into Google and type in a generic question, you’ll get a generic answer. The quality of results that Google gives you will be based on the quality of the questions you asked. Well do you know there is only one mind in the universe and we are all individual expressions of that one mind?

The individual arrangement of this one mind produces the varying manifestations. So when you desire increased prosperity (when you need to overcome something), going to that one mind with the right question makes all the difference in the world.

All the answers and solutions are here waiting for you regardless of what you face, but without high quality questions and empowering thoughts, you’ll never gain access to that which you seek.

Practice investing in empowering thoughts and asking empowering questions that will support you in generating the kind of results you desire.

“Inspiration, without action, is merely entertainment. ACT on your inspiration today!” – Mary Morrissey

At first this is going to be hard because no one ever taught you how to think or question things from a place of empowerment. But that’s ok, put in the effort needed to create this new habit because as Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Now we would love to know, do you truly believe that within you lies more power and greatness than anything you’re currently facing? Please share your comments below.



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