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5 Surprising Benefits of Writing for Entrepreneurs



benefits of writing

The image that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘writer’ is a recluse, hunched over a word processor, obsessively trying to produce the next great piece of literature. Writing is much more than the image suggests. If the definition of writing is putting thoughts on a page, we are all writers.

Just like how you don’t have to be an artist to draw, you don’t have to be a professional author to reap the great benefits of writing. In fact, almost everyone grows and improves from having a writing habit.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of writing:

1. Writing makes you happier and more productive

Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates are successful people who write on a regular basis. Mr. Buffett spends a great deal of time thinking and writing. He feels writing is key to refining thoughts. Richard Branson uses a standard-sized school notebook that he believes is his most essential possession. Mr. Gates describes the benefits of writing as a means of sitting down and re-evaluating his thoughts.

These are just a few of the many examples of people who know the value of writing. For them, writing is a tool for encouraging creativity, expression, and thinking. Writing is incredibly useful to many people. Research shows writing affects the mind.

Research indicates expressive writing improves mood and well-being. Those who engage in writing frequently, see a reduction in stress levels. Laura King conducted the research that suggests writing about future dreams and achievements makes people healthier and happier.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin 

2. Writing inspires and influences your own self and others

Writers grow to appreciate the power that words have. Those who enjoy writing often want to bring enjoyment and happiness to others. Other reasons people write include the need for validation or income, pushing boundaries, or making sense of experiences.

Entrepreneurship and writing may seem unrelated. Any professional position requires writing, but writing is not necessary to be successful. Regardless of how much someone relies on phone calls and in-person meetings, much of communication happens through writing.

Writing is different than speaking. Every word receives consideration before it is put to the screen or paper. The process functions as thinking in slow motion. It allows one to find better words for abstract ideas and catch faulty logic. As you pick through your brain, you end up editing your own writing.

3. Writing makes you empathize with others

Writing forces the writer to consider the audience of a memo, sales proposal, or business plan. By developing the habit of writing, you start to naturally think about the audience. As you become better at writing, you adjust strategies, actions, and behaviors. A simple phrase change or change in pace can shape your perspective toward a particular demographic set.

One of the best problem-solving avenues is writing. The process allows people to mindfully distil and digest experiences. To untangle a mess in your mind, write out your thoughts to become aware of the language you use. Let a colleague read what you write and provide feedback. This method often proves fruitful.

4. Writing creates self awareness

Journaling is a self-awareness tool that allows us to discover who we really are, cultivate self-love and acceptance, and change things that need changing in our lives. The process helps identify things that drag us down or hold us back. We learn to address such issues in a concrete, positive manner.

Terry Tempest Williams wrote a work entitled, Why We Write. She listed a page and a half of the benefits of writing. Personal writing is a great avenue for dreaming and brainstorming. When used as a private journal, writing is a means of self-reflection. Writing hones thinking. It is similar to meditation. Writers tune into themselves and think deeply about business practices, philosophies, and other issues. Writing bolsters creativity and generates ideas.

Writing and conversation are separate but related skills. They use the language center of the brain. Improving one helps improve the other. Conversations are often thoughtless and quick. Therefore, it is more likely that writing influences conversational ability.

“I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion.” Billie Jean King

5. Writing helps you reaffirm your goals

Writing exercises combat automatic filtering and sorting processes in the brain. When you write, you are journaling for mental health. Free writing allows the capture of streams of thought without filtering the information.

Overcoming mental filtering helps clarify thoughts and explore possibilities. Free writing allows the brain to look outside our scope without staying too focused. The process allows us to move forward from a place of stymied creativity and dig for new ideas. Seeing written thoughts allows manipulation of them in a tangible way. Becoming better at writing lets us expand on ideas by adding erasing, and deleting words.

What benefits have you noticed that came from writing? Leave your thoughts below!

Gigi is a lifestyle and self-improvement freelance writer. This time she writes for Elite Editing, the most trusted English-language academic editing service in Australia. She like splurging on her two favourite things: movies and books.



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But what was it that made Dr. King’s movement so different than the rest? A quality that transcends ego and unites a people so divided? 

My greatest and most moving discovery while studying the life of Dr. King was the very answer to our question. 

Yes, he had the personality to be a leader, yes he had the bravery to use his voice, yes he evoked REAL change in government and policies, but the manifestation of all those comes from his willingness to lead a movement truly rooted in consciousness. 

A peaceful approach

Dr. King was continuously met with frustration, hate, and even violence by both law enforcement and those who wanted to fight for equality through violence. But the more violent things became, the more he dug his heels into a peaceful approach. Dr. King’s unwavering faith in the power to lead with peace and not violence is undoubtedly why his legacy is such a pillar of our nation still to this day. It is easier to fight.

Hate, anger and separateness from one another are primitive emotions on the emotional scale of well being but It takes awareness, understanding and elevated consciousness to move from a place of peace and understanding. Dr. King knew that we all have access to these states of higher consciousness and that our true power lies in a peaceful approach.

He is an example of the truest essence of our consciousness in this human experience. How to truly love your neighbor as yourself. 

Conscious compassion

Even the strongest opponents are human. Meet hate with love + compassion for the enemy” he said. It wasn’t his resistance to violence that made him a peacemaker, but rather his commitment to keeping compassion and connection to all humanity at the forefront of his movement. A profound understanding that underneath all the hate, violence and discrimination, we are all one. We all come from the same source and we are all human.

A conscious king

A man of his position, his power, his following could have been easily swayed by the human temptations of the ego. But he remained steadfast in his cause to bring forth real change. He understood on the deepest level that we are truly a stronger force in the universe when we move as one unit, with one mind, and one goal. That the separation from one another is the weakness of humanity. That our strength is in those things that unite us all, the qualities that give us life.

His success was in uniting not just the people of America but the consciousness of America.

No matter our gender, or our social class or our color, we all love, and we all seek peace. We all feel joy and happiness, we all want to be met with compassion and understanding. 

His cause went far beyond the need for physical freedom and equal rights. His cause was for freedom of mind, freedom of heart, freedom to be one. 

Lead with love

In his last speech he said, “I may not get there with you, but we AS A PEOPLE will get to the promise land”. And we will. At some point, we will inevitably come back to this oneness that we all come from.

The truth is? We don’t know when our last day is. Our last march. Our last speech. So this Martin Luther King Jr. Day I ask you, what will your legacy be? Are you leading a life founded in the principles of Dr. King’s movement, founded in the higher consciousness of humanity? Every moment is an opportunity to love, to show compassion, to bring forth peace and in the words of Dr. King “The time is always right to do what is right”.

Dr. King said, “I’m here to remind you, we’ve come a longggg way, but there is still work to be done”. 

And I’m here to remind you this Martin Luther King Jr. day in 2024 that we HAVE come a longggg way, but there is still work to be done. 

His fight is our fight. His mind is our mind. His spirit is our spirit. Rooted in the consciousness of all humanity. We are all one. And when we embrace the understanding of that, we will truly say

“Free at Last, Free at Last, Thank God Almighty, We are Free at Last”.

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