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David Bowie was a person without limits. He was the limit himself and nothing could cut off someone of that kind. Indeed, in his reality, there were no such things as gender or social norms. Speaking of his style, music, video, or sexuality, David Bowie pushed the boundaries and made everyone follow his lead.

He was an extraordinary person who has influenced generations of musicians of all kinds. And I’m sure that even in ten years after his death there will be young people with guitars trying to pick out the melody of “Changes”. Before becoming a source of inspiration himself, David Bowie drew it from everything around him.

Here are five lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn, follow, and celebrate the legacy of David Bowie:

1. Accept failure and continue trying

Don’t be afraid to fail. instead learn from it and continue trying. At the beginning of his career, David Bowie was not very popular. People were not much impressed by his first albums. However, he advocated a theory that only those who risk will go far. Entrepreneurs tend to take risks and  avoid failures at the very beginning. Not everyone of your projects or ideas will bring desired success, but you should accept the failure, learn from that experience, move on, and meet new challenges head on.

“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something. ” -Morihei Ueshiba

2. Don’t be afraid of the sweeping changes

When Bowie became Ziggy Stardust in 1972, a big break happened to him. Beginning with this album, the musician became a rock star, which completely modified his image. So take advantage of the unpredicted changes that will certainly come your way. When you are an entrepreneur, things you do will change your attitudes. Of course, if these things are significant enough to do that. And if they do – it is a sign that you are doing something valuable and meaningful. If so, then it is well worth the effort.


3. Be cooperative

Throughout his career, David Bowie cooperated with different musicians, who helped his ideas embody in the best possible way and brought his music to the next level. Some of his most successful albums were produced by Brian Ino. As a result, those works of art became milestones of his legacy and the rock music as a whole.

He cooperated with the best talents of those times, including Mick Ronson, Mike Garson, and Carlos Alomar and these collaborations were the lifeblood of his music. Business relies on entrepreneur’s talent to cooperate with the right people at the right time. This helps create innovations and execute the best strategies. As Bowie’s experience proves, being in touch with the right people can determine the results of your own work.


4. Experiment

It is difficult to name any musician in the history of rock music who experimented more than Bowie did. From being a singer and songwriter, to tinkering with funk, and joining mainstream and pop, Bowie took more risks than anyone. However, all his experiments weren’t successful! Experiments lead to success because they let your creative juices flow. Being an entrepreneur, you will have to nurture bold ideas, try out new technologies, and establish changes in your organization. Clever experiments often end up with a positive business outcome and increase your chances of success.

“Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought.” –Charles K. Kao

5. Inspire others

As we can tell from society’s reaction to Bowie’s death, he inspired many people. It would be hardly an exaggeration to say that he is the most influential person in the history of pop and rock music. His rebellious spirit inspired people and will continue to do that. Entrepreneurs can also “be heroes” for their organizations. Being someone who inspires employees to higher performance and encourages their creativity is not an easy task, but achieving this is a way to better performance.

What lessons did you learn from David Bowie? Please leave your thoughts below!


  1. Great article here. One of the best things that I believe an entrepreneur can learn from this is to see failure not as defeat, but as a learning experience. I have gotten advice from many successful people when it comes to business, and the one thing they always tell me is to go out there and to fail fast. Through failing, you learn what doesn’t work and that puts you closer to what does work. Very inspiring article. Thanks for sharing.


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