This video is for those who live a monotonous and painful routine in life. This explains why you NEED to follow your passion to be truly happy and successful.

This will help you shift your mindset for a more positive and opportunistic outlook on your career and life.






Follow Your True Passion – Advice For Those Who Are Unhappy With Their Lives


  1. I really liked this video. It really touched me because it’s how I see the world. Words are just so beautiful and I hope it hits home with people who think that money makes you happy.

    Hope it’s around when my toddler is old enough to understand.

  2. I reckon U have to work towards your goal bit by bit everyday, until U R able to leap across from the job U don’t necessarily love but pays to the job that U love and just about covers everything u need!!
    King Alfred

  3. This is powerful, something we do all need to consider everyday. However, as a parent – the *need* to make money and the fear of not making enough to support your child stands in the way of doing what I want to do like a huge, towering cement wall. What is the suggestion to overcome that wall?

  4. This one is very personal for me. We live it everyday – funds can be tight but we are always happy with our work and the life we live. It can be a scary choice, but so worth it!

  5. What a beautiful video. A really fantastic wake up call for those wasting their time! Many Thanks, Oliver


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