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To All The Critics: I Love You.



Writing so many blog posts each year comes with some added benefits. One of those is having critics.

I’ve never really had so many critics before, so it’s a brave new world. I seem to get the most critics on LinkedIn. Today I got a message from a nice follower that said: “Tim, don’t let the critics get you down.”

My response (in my head) was “They don’t get me down. Critics, I love you.”

Here’s why:

Returning negativity achieves nothing.

That’s why I can only love my critics.

The opposite is to hate them and engage in negative back and forth conversations that try and determine who’s got the bigger “you know what.”

I choose to embrace my critics and join forces with them. I choose to see the other side and try at all costs to see the positive in what they’re saying – even if it’s negative and destroys my precious ego.

Returning negativity will only suck the energy I need to write these words and inspire as many people as I can. That’s not a price I’m willing to pay and you shouldn’t partake in this game either.

You’re entitled to your opinion.

Black, White, Oriental, Mexican, Vegan, Bi-Sexual, Homosexual, Liberal – whatever your beliefs are and wherever you come from on this planet, I believe you are entitled to your opinion. It’s the one thing that can’t be taken away from you.

“Without critics, we’d never have innovators, entrepreneurs and disruptors. Critics challenge the status quo”

Some are negative and some are positive. Either way, they disagree with you (and me). Critics show me that we all have a voice and freedom must let us exercise it.

I’m wrong a lot.

In fact, more than I’d like to admit. I was wrong about touch screens never becoming a thing; I was wrong about coffee pods never taking off; I was wrong about the gay marriage vote in my home country gaining traction and ultimately being implemented.

We’re all critics at some point in our life. More often than not, we will be wrong. I’m not the fountain of knowledge that Yoda guards with his life and neither are my critics.

I get to challenge my own thoughts.

In the moment, my ideas sound like Pink Floyds Dark Side Of The Moon (in other words, a masterpiece). The reason I love critics is they often show me that some of my ideas are more like that 90’s song “Asshole.” In other words, horrible, condescending, offensive and inaccurate.

Critics won’t take no for an answer at times. They dig down to my real why and keep me accountable. They ensure I am delivering value instead of content that is self-promotional (not my style, regardless).

Those beautiful, courageous critics question my evidence, correct me on quotes I source from books, and even provide free spellchecking and grammar services direct to my bloody email! I mean I should just about be paying for their service. Needless to say, I give them my love instead.

I’m not trying to reach everyone (1000 true fans).

Out of every 100 people I reach, I’m probably only going to have less than 50% of those readers like my stuff or get value from it. I can never get everyone to agree with my way of life. I’m not trying to. Some of my critics who hate my work have even admitted on occasion that they’ve learned at least one thing.

“I love my critics and having a conversation with them teaches me so much”

I learn more from my critics often than my own friends, mentors and family. The aim of the game is not to convert everyone to being part of your tribe. As I learned from the great Kevin Kelly, all you really need is 1000 true fans.

These fans can spread your message for you and it’s enough to make an income from if you have an online business.

Critics are like a cold shower.

What do I mean? Your critics are good for you just like cold showers are. They make you uncomfortable and no matter how many times you engage with one, they always take you by surprise.

You have to be uncomfortable to achieve big things. Critics provide that service – again, for free. You need to hug your critics and treat them like mentors. Some of what they say is nonsense, but deep down, there is valuable advice hidden somewhere.

Just like one date is not enough to get married (unless you’re Casanova), you have to have regular chats to truly see the knowledge that critics can offer and to find out what they can teach you. I saw Tai Lopez do an interview recently with one of his critics and it was epic to watch.

Tai learned so much from his hater and he ended up falling in love, and wanting to meet his critic for lunch!

If you want to be somebody, fall in love with your critics.

Critics, I love you. Mwah!

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10. Keep responses concise: Keep responses short and to the point to show respect for others’ time.


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