Jamie McIntyre Success Millionaire

Multi Million Dollar Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur and Author of the bestseller “What I didn’t learn at school but wish I Had“, Jamie McIntyre has created 12 companies throughout his career and today leads the 21st Century Education Program for people who want to create a richer life for themselves and for their loved ones.

Jamie McIntyre learned early on that to be successful he needed to get surrounded by successful people and so today he maintains excellent relations with personalities such as Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah, Tim Ferriss and many others.

I had the chance to interview him for his 8 golden tips and advice on achieving multi-million dollar success:


1) You should work more to learn, than to earn

2) Find a mentor to compress decades of knowledge into a few years

3) The key to being successful is adding value and making a difference in the world

4) People who have a high sense of purpose are more likely to succeed

5) People who focus on money the most are the one’s who have the least

6) We need to have our heads right if we want to be successful and it requires educating ourselves

7) Start your day by focusing on 5 things you’re grateful for

8) The shortcut to success is to model other people’s success; there is no need to reinvent the wheel


Jamie McIntyre’s Top 10 Investment Strategies


  1. I’ve learned recently that the key to success is #3 “The key to being successful is adding value and making a difference in the world”. The money will follow afterwards. This is a nugget of truth that will certainly lead you to success without a doubt. Everyone is gifted at something, so share your gift with the world and reap what you sow.

  2. So is number 5 a bad thing? I focus on wealth everyday because I am trying to increase my income and become very very wealthy. It is true that I dont have much at the moment, I make no more than $18,000/yr. Number 5 kind of confused me a bit.. what does he mean?

    • Hey David. He means that if you think all the time about money you tend to become unpleasant, which is not good to develop your relationships. Always bear in mind that strategies mean nothing, relationships are everything.

  3. Jamie Mctyre has been an inspiration to my success. One of the first few book i have read on personal finance was his book “What I Didn’t Learn At School but Wish I Had”. He is a great guy and i would recommend his book to anyone that wants to become financially free


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