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How To Get Your Message To The World Noticed In A Crowd Of People



In a crowded world with so much self-promotion, the question I want to ask you is how do you get your message out there? I’ve pondered this question for some time. To find the answer, I studied all the greats on social media, but more importantly, I studied the up and coming guys and girls.

Sometimes, when you only look at the success of the best in their field, you can fall into this false sense of saying to yourself I can’t do what they’ve done – they’re special. This way of thinking will sabotage your success.

You can do anything you put your mind to and it all starts with having a message that you want to let the world know. My personal message that I want to get out to the world is to inspire people to pursue personal development and entrepreneurship.

I want you to practice working on yourself every single day that your heart beats and you have air in your lungs. I want you never to give up and to leave people with goosebumps after you have shared your message with them.

Where did this advice come from?

The advice I am going to share with you below came from some success I experienced last week on LinkedIn. People have consistently made the comment at work that I am number one on LinkedIn out of 40,000 employees and that I’m somehow superhuman or some kind of guru.

To dispel this myth, I went on LinkedIn and posted the below photo with a short description. I told people that the more we encourage other people to achieve what we have done, the more we grow, and the more widespread our message becomes.

This post went ballistic and for the last ten days or so I have had the good fortune of connecting and talking with people that I could only dream of. For so long, I thought no one was listening. They were, except they were too afraid to be vulnerable enough to admit what I was saying meant something to them. All it takes is a single moment to change everything. It only takes one person – you.

Below are the 5 things you must do to get your message to the world heard:

1. Don’t talk about you

The secret to my success last week on LinkedIn had nothing to do with me. The message I was sharing was all about those around me, and building people up to achieve exactly what I’ve done. For your message to be heard like mine has been, you must remove yourself from the equation – it’s not about you.

The more you feature yourself in everything you do to try and look good, the greater the chance is that people will ignore your message. Every single social media post I have done that people have resonated with has been completely selfless.

The key to getting your message heard and noticed in a crowded online environment is to go beyond yourself and tap into the power of the crowd. It’s so very important to know what your audience is thinking and feeling, as well as what their problems are.

2. Give

This one word sums up everything I could ever say about success and getting your message heard. If you take nothing else away then remember one thing; the more you give of yourself, the more value you dish out, the more people will listen.

Think of the most valuable insights you have and share them. Be the go-to person in your field and practice being relentless in studying your craft. Just when your audience thinks you have given them every possible strategy you can think of, surprise them with more.

“Over deliver on what people expect you to bring to the table and have a look of determination in your eyes as you give your heart and soul as if today is your last day on Earth” – Tim Denning

3. Be heartfelt

Tap into people’s emotions. Look at all your favorite TED Talks and notice something; all of them are fused with emotion that leaves you feeling as if nothing else mattered. The way you be heartfelt is to share the moments that have created pain in your life or business.

Go deep and forget about what people might think of you. Show the growth you have experienced since your pain and remember that we all have pain and suffering even if social media portrays us not to.

Don’t be afraid to shed a tear and don’t hold back from showing a bit of anger as you present your message. As long as your message has an uplifting, positive lesson at the end, people will respond and get behind you.

4. Be vulnerable

To do most of what I’ve talked about so far, you are going to need to be extremely vulnerable. You’ll need to be happy in your own skin and not care about the outcome of what you tell people in your message. Being bold is hard work, and it requires us to grow as humans.

I don’t believe for a second that I am superhuman or have any additional skills that others don’t have. I believe my success, and your success, are linked to how far we are willing to go.

The further down the road to vulnerability you go, the more growth others will see in you. What get’s us excited about someone’s message is when we can see where they started from and where they finished, and easily be able to see massive growth. If you’re not growing then you’re dying.

“True leaders use vulnerability as a way to draw people in and show that they are just like everyone else”

5. Share your story

Facts and figures that are included in your message to the world are worthwhile to support what you’re saying. However, what will take your message to the next level is when you share your story and show why your message is truly valuable.

There’s so much power in your story, and you probably don’t even realise it. It’s so easy to live our lives and wrap our message in other people’s stories. The stories of those you admire can be beneficial, but nothing is more real and more honest than you letting all of your experience escape your being and fill the world with positivity, hope, and passion.

Inject passion into your story and put all of your body into it. Treat the sharing of your story like a marathon and let it suck all of your energy dry until you have nothing left to give. Play life full out and show people you mean business.

***Final Thought ***

Do all of what I’ve mentioned above and you will have a message that will penetrate through anything. Suddenly, the noise of the world will be turned in your favor, and people will be chanting your message, and holding on to every word you say.

What’s your message to the world? Let me know on my website or my Facebook.
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