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Instead of being so loud in the marketplace, it might work by simply being your true authentic self. As my hands wave furiously in the air, I’m trying to get your attention over here. Not there, here. Yet, it is so difficult at times to get your attention. Why? Look at the billions of words, pictures and GIFs that are used in the online world every single minute.

Even when you are asleep, someone on the other side of the planet is feverishly hammering out more words, more GIFs, and a brand new way to get your attention. Listen, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Nope, it is not “The Secret” because you can find that easily, well, online. This secret is pretty basic, so here it goes: You don’t have to scream, yell, stomp your feet or even curse to get someone’s attention.

Read that one more time. We are all attempting to find our niche, develop our tribe or community, and make something work together. Yet, doing that “thing” might actually be against what your own heart is calling you to do.

Leave room for some practical thought

There is room for practicality, planning, and a lot of thought too. Those are core elements and should not be forgotten. “But I have to pay the rent, back taxes, and debt collectors, man. I got to get busy and let people know I am somebody,” someone just yelped while reading these words. I understand the frustration and I also know about desperation.

Too many times in the past 6 years, in spite of having one really good year financially, frustration and desperation have led me down dead-end streets. It’s not a lot of fun moving out of your home on New Year’s Eve because you can’t come up with $500 to meet the already late rent. That turns into a larger headache, multiple hotel rooms, and a friend opening his door for three-plus months to live. Yeah, it sucks to not have your own transportation as well.

That part is looking at the glass as half-empty. Viewing it as half-full involves taking stock of what actually happened, start making amends for bad decisions, and feeling grateful and more positive about the present and future. In doing so, then I just might actually gain more attention instead of less.

Find a new path and follow it

If I am true to my heart and soul, then I am going to find a way, find a path, and follow it. As someone I have come to trust said many times, life is going to have plot twists in it. Little did I realize that I’d have 30-plus years of them.

You have the ability to turn your mess into a success. That’s not an original thought on my part. Heck, it’s been said – in different words – in so many places. Personal development books and seminars, churches, synagogues, mosques, community centers, nature circles…you name it.

Being able to do that very thing is attractive to many people. Others are currently in your own situation and looking for places to take them out of their own pit of despair. If you turn on the faucet of faith and success and let others see you rise from your ashes, then someone is going to ask you “how did you do it?”

That’s a doorway into helping them see the light. It’s attractive to that person or business. Again, you are not maniacally waving, yelling and screaming to get attention. It naturally comes to you and what you do for a living. This goes against the grain of what some big-league marketing gurus might be telling and selling these days.


What leads you to do something that is true to your very own heart? It’s the one thing that you have been pulled to do in your life. Simply, put your fears aside and take a step toward what you have dreamed about for a long, long time.

When I simply step in that direction, then that’s going to open up a new path for me. Intuitively, I will not have to pull and yank on your chain to get your attention. It will be done holistically, naturally, and passionately. Now that’s an attention getter, right there.

How do you go about attracting attention to your brand or business? Leave a comment below!

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