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Don’t Set Goals…Until You Read This



stop your goals
Joel Brown

Don’t set goals…… Without taking these 14 tips into consideration!


1. Make it specific and challenging

Telling yourself, “I’m going to do my best” leaves the door open to settle for sub-par effort. Make yourself accountable, be specific and raise the bar.


2. Remind yourself that it’s going to be difficult

Two reasons people throw in the towel on their goals is because they underestimate how long it’s going to take and how difficult it’s going to be. This isn’t going to happen to you will it?


3. Make sure it’s your goal

Don’t pick a goal that you’re “supposed” to choose or a goal that someone gives you. Own your goal.


4. Just pick one

You’ll be amazed on what you can do when you lock-­‐in on one thing.


5. Don’t let your goal consume you

Just because I told you to pick one, that doesn’t mean to forget everything else. Don’t let your goal blind you from other important things (i.e. family, sleep, health, school, work, etc.)


6. Celebrate your victories

If you’re not careful you’re going to miss those hard-­‐to-­‐notice successes, don’t let that happen. Those are going to fuel your confidence along the way.


7. Have your goal in your face every day

Have a poster, a saying, picture, or anything else to remind you of your goal every day.


8. Have a finish line

Could you imagine running in a race that doesn’t end? Eventually your motivation would drop, your energy would give, and your enjoyment will whither. The same thing happens when you don’t have a finish line to your goal.


9. Know your obstacles

Think about and write down all the things you’re going to face that will get in the way of your goal achievement. Do you still want to climb this mountain?


10. Have plans to combat those obstacles

What are you going to do when adversity strikes?


11. Start BIG, work small

Don’t get caught into the minute details of achieving your goal before you start. For example, some people trying to get into shape don’t begin immediately because they’re so worried about having the perfect shoes, the right watch, and ideal meal plan, that it gets in the way of them actually doing something. Just go; take care of the details later.


12. Lock‐in on the present

Goal attainment is achieved by giving your attention to the only thing you can control – doing something today.


13. Process over results

Focus on the process and let the results follow.


14. Have fun

No explanation needed.


Justin Su'a in an expert in sport and performance psychology, the author of, "Parent Pep Talks” and the Head of Mental Conditioning at the IMG Academy, the world-leading provider of athletic and personal development training programs for youth, adult, collegiate and professional athletes, located in Bradenton, Florida. Follow Justin on Twitter: @justinsua

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