Business advice from The Worlds Top Billionaires: Sheldon Adelson, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Charlie Munger, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Jim Pattison, Charles Koch and Sunil Mittal.


Advice From Billionaire’s


Sheldon Adelson (Net Worth 3.4 Billion) – Just do things in life the way other people dont do things, Change the Status Quo and then you’ll succeed.


Bill Gates (Net Worth 50 Billion) –Its surprising that the fundamentals of business are pretty straight forward, you should be trying to take more in as an income than you spend in your costs.


Warren Buffett (Net Worth 47 Billion) – Run this business like its the only business your family will own for the next 100 years, dont measure it by the earnings that where made in that quarter of the year, what gives it competitive advantage over time and if its widened or narrowed.


Richard Branson (Net Worth 2.5 Billion) –You have to be good with people, you have to be very good at finding wonderful people to run your companies, I think early on I realized, If I can run one company well I can run any company.


Steve Jobs (Net Worth 5.1 Billion) – Someone long ago told me manage the top line which is your strategy, your people and your products and the bottom line will follow.


Charles Koch (Net Worth 17 Billion) – Attitude toward work is critically important for developing yourself and to keep healthy and happy.


Donald Trump (Net Worth 2 Billion) – There is no such thing as too much exposure or over exposure as they say.


Jim Pattison (Net Worth 4.2 Billion) – The number 1 objective I have isto have a good time, the second objective is to make some money. If you work hard, use alot of common sense and have a passion for what you believe in and like to do you will be very successful.


Charlie Munger (Net Worth 1.7 Billion) – The safest way to get what you want is to preserve what you want. You want to deliver to the world what you yourself would like to buy on the other end.


Sunil Mittal (Net Worth 12 Billion) – If you are caught between speed and perfection always choose speed and perfection will follow because you can never wait for the perfect positioning, in business you dont have the time, espescially if you are small or just starting out.



  1. To me its about being in a constant revolution of thought by which i mean by constantly work on it every day in some way creating what you envision for the future day be creates the very future you live in by what you choose to do within every day you live in it. to me you choose your own destiney not matter what you create your own reality. so independently choose who you want to be not what but who and threw trail and error fake it until you make it be the very change you want to see in this world or at least just your little peice of the world that you live in around you. live your life to the fullest.

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