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5 Secret Codes to Making The New Year a Winning Year



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We just had a new year come to pass. And you are probably looking ahead wondering how to make this a winning year. And I am here to unlock with you the 5 evergreen secrets that I have learned that helped me to win year after year.

Secret Code #1: Submit To God

God is all-powerful and all-knowing. By submitting to God, he will help guide you and unleash the abilities, talents, and tools you need to string together a winning year. Not only that but the bible in the book of Jeremiah 1:5 says, “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb…” 

That means every gift, ability, talent, and tool that you require God is aware of and he placed it within you already. All you have to do is ask God to make it known to you so you may use them.

Just 1 more for you. In the bible in the book of Matthew 6:33 says to “Seek God 1st and all these things shall be added to you.” 

God knows the desire and wants of your heart. So by going after God 1st and keeping your attention focused on God then everything else listed below will come quicker and enable you to win this year past what you believe was possible. 

Secret Code #2: Written Vision (End result)

With the rise of vision board parties, IG quotes, and the love for talking about it instead of being about it. The lost art of writing on paper plainly what we are seeking has been neglected. 

This is an almost forbidden technique that is not taught enough. Write down on real paper your vision for the future and what you are working toward each day. 

God told the prophet Habakkuk to ‘write the vision and make it plain.” In the same way, your vision gives you hope for a better future. Your vision is based on your current situations and circumstances at all. 

Because right now you may not feel like a winner and you may have lost big time last year. But that is forgotten because I promise you did not have a WRITTEN vision that mapped out exactly why you are working so hard each day. 

This vision is not only for the future but it will be your reminder for those days that are hard, those days you want to crawl in your bed and not do anything. The day you do not want to be

a mom…

a dad…

a brother…

a worker…

a friend…

a leader…

a human…

and even alive…

Those days are just so hard and difficult for no reason. But understand that every day is transforming you to push to your end result. 

How to make your vision plan:

  • Write your vision
  • Who you are becoming
  • Physical Traits, Values, Disciplines, and Principles you will live by
  • The amount of money you will be making
  • What your relationships with God, Yourself, Your Partner, Your family & friends will look like
  • What your health will look and feel like

In order to win this year, you must have a written vision.

“Life’s not about expecting, hoping and wishing, it’s about doing, being and becoming.” – Mike Dooley

Secret Code #3: List Of Accomplishments Specifically For This Year

When I played football, we had winners and losers. To be a winner, we had to score more points than the opponent. For this year to be a winning year for you, then you must learn to score this year.

Word to the wise, make sure you are specific, measurable, and have a deadline. 

Specific: To be as detailed as possible so you know exactly what you are working towards.

Measurable: You have to be able to measure your progress with it. 

Deadline: When you will complete it by. 

Now, take a piece of paper and write on the top “List of accomplishments I completed by December 25, (Insert year).” Proceed to write out all you will accomplish by the end of the year. 

As you accomplish items throughout the year then check it off. It will not only build momentum but show you your progress thru out the year.

Secret Code #4: List Of People You Must Connect With

Our society today has made it impossible for connections. We are preaching and praising a deadly virus of self-made people. No one and I mean nobody on this side of the earth is self-made.

We all at some point in time had help from someone. It may have not been the whole journey but at some point, someone helped. And that is why we have to make a list of people we believe will be able to help us accomplish our list for this specific year. 

There are people out there that are ready and willing to help you win this year only if you open your mouth and go about it in a strategic way.

Secret Code # 5: Put In All Types Of Work!

I don’t care if you work hard, work smart, work tirelessly, and work effortlessly. Putting in the work has been neglected with technology and hype marketing. We have been sold that hard work is overrated and that smart work is better. 

Use both, because you will need both and more to win this year. Winning a year starts with winning each day, week, and month. Each day you have to be hell-bent on winning so strap up and let get to work. 

Your winning season started already and you are late!

If you found any value from what you read, please share it personally with your friends and family that you know want to win this year.

Bertrang Ngampa is a High-Performance Coach that has helped many business owners turn into high performers and achieve levels of success they never dreamt of before. He has an amazing community on facebook geared towards helping high performers have it all in life. Join here:

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20 Ways You Can Become a Powerful Communicator



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1.  Listen actively: Practice active listening by giving your full attention to the speaker and responding to what they are saying.


2. Use “I” statements: Speak from your own perspective and avoid placing blame or making accusations.


3. Avoid assumptions: Don’t make assumptions about what the other person is thinking or feeling.


4. Be clear: Express your thoughts and feelings clearly and concisely by getting to the point and avoid using jargon or overly complex language.


5. Show empathy: Show that you understand and care about the other person’s feelings.


6. Offer valuable insights: When speaking in a group, provide a valuable takeaway or actionable item that people can walk away with.


7. Be an active listener: Listen attentively and respond accordingly, incorporating your points into the conversation.


8. Choose the right time: Pick the most opportune time to speak to ensure that you have the group’s attention and can deliver your message without interruption.


9. Be the unifying voice: Step in and unify the group’s thoughts to calm down the discussion and insert your point effectively.


10. Keep responses concise: Keep responses short and to the point to show respect for others’ time.


11. Avoid unnecessary comments: Avoid commenting on everything and only speak when you have something important to say.


12. Cut the fluff: Avoid being long-winded and get straight to the point.


13. Prepare ahead of time: Sort out your points and practice them before speaking in a group.


14. Smile and be positive: Smile and nod along as others speak, to build a positive relationship and be respected when it’s your turn to speak.


15. Take responsibility: Take responsibility for your own actions and feelings.


16. Ask questions: Ask questions to clarify any confusion or misunderstandings.


17. Avoid interrupting: Allow the other person to finish speaking without interruption.


18. Practice active listening: Repeat what the other person said to ensure you have understood correctly.


19. Use your body language too: Use nonverbal cues such as eye contact, facial expressions, and body language to convey your message and build rapport.


20. Be aware of the tone of your voice: it should be calm and assertive, not aggressive or passive.


By keeping these tips in mind, you can improve your communication skills and become a more powerful communicator, which can help you build better relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a more fulfilling life.

I you want to learn how to become more confident in life then you can join my weekly mentorship calls and 40+ online workshops at so you can master your life with more success.

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