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27 Things That Conscious, Empowered and Innovative People Know and Do



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Science and life tells us that there are certain things that highly successful people do, think about and certain ways in which they act, view the world and treat themselves and others, that determines their experience of life, their success levels and how other people regard them.

In short, their belief system enables them to be effective, efficient, generally kind and highly aware, whilst getting the most out of themselves and others, achieving a whole lot and enjoying the ride.

Here are some defining characteristics which these dynamic thought leaders have in common:

1. Don’t define themselves by their past. They deal with their past and focus on enjoying the present while creating their future.

2. Operate from an open paradigm which includes all possibilities, processing events as they happen and trusting themselves to respond and adapt as required.

3. Don’t have anything to prove or an axe to grind. They are truly humble, are seldom if ever concerned with their ego and know that their work speaks for itself.

“Stop giving people the power to steal your peace. It belongs to you and no one should be able to run away with it.” – A. Elle

4. Value people first and realize that people are what life is all about.  From the office cleaner to the sales clerk to CEOs, they treat everyone with an equal respect, dignity and with genuine care.

5. Know that their feelings aren’t real, but just the physical result of underlying beliefs based on conditioning and past experiences.

6. Are fully autonomous, depending on no one, but hiring the best people to advise/help them and allowing friends and family to contribute to them.

7. Their relationships are an equal or near equal exchange, where energy is freely given and received without unconscious agendas or imbalance.

8. Don’t lament what is wrong in the world (that would make them part of the problem) but take immediate action to rectify anything directly applicable to them and always look to how they can leave the planet a better place.

9. Are fully responsible for their own reactions, emotions, choices, results and interactions with others, never blaming or avoiding consequences.

10. Are organized however that looks for them and set their routines up to get the best out of themselves mentally, physically and in terms of output and productivity.

11. Know their bodies and don’t have self-defeating habits/relationships that lower their focus or energy levels – doing what is required to be effective and efficient at work whilst feeling optimal. If it doesn’t add to their lives, they won’t do it.

12. Are ethical and do what they say they are going to when they say they will. Other people know their word is good and they are reliable.

13. Take action and get results. They don’t react, but they make clear decisions and get things done.

“The power you have is to be the best version of yourself you can be, so you can create a better world.” – Ashley Rickards

14.  Are willing to be seen and judged by others. Whilst they may value their reputation, they don’t care what others personally think of them. They know they can’t control that, so they choose to be unaffected by it because what they are achieving is too important.

15. Speak well of others and don’t judge. They allow others to be themselves and choose not to become bothered by poor behaviour, acknowledging where others are at and making decisions from that space.

16. Mentor and lead others, always looking to bring out the best in their team or those around them. Their ability to inspire is also based on what they do and how they do it, getting on with things effectively and efficiently.

17. Are grateful for their lives and the people around them. They have appreciation for the small things and are present with all that is.

18. Don’t take themselves too seriously and are willing to laugh at themselves and the human condition.

19. Allow others the dignity of mistakes and themselves too, not judging or beating up on themselves for anything. Instead they learn from events and use that knowledge to their advantage going forwards.

20. Deal with stuff when it happens. If they help with something, they will seek that help and move forwards in the best way possible, growing as they go.

21. Take good care of their physical health and well-being as they know that is key to getting good results, aging well, remaining vital and looking and being their best.

22. Have fun! They know that fun and spontaneity is essential to performing well to job satisfaction, to creativity and bonding with others. They know the benefits of feel good rewards as well as bottom lines, profit margins and outward success. They know there’s no point in the journey if the journey sucks.

23. Work hard and enjoy the inherent satisfaction in what they achieve. This in itself creates a sense of ease and balance which is enhanced by other aspects of their lifestyle.

24. Delegate where required and don’t stretch themselves too thin, preferring to concentrate on what they do best.  

25. Have immersive hobbies which they engage in at least twice a week, for a total recharge of focus and regeneration of the body and creativity.

“You were put on this earth to achieve your greatest self, to live out your purpose, and to do it courageously.” – Steve Maraboli

26. Love to read, learn and integrate what they know into how they do things. They are always looking to improve and adapt to a changing world and be innovative wherever possible.

27. See opportunities where others see problems and understand that nothing is immovable or unchangeable, only thinking makes it so. They are visionary and like to believe in the ‘impossible’.

Now you can begin to consider, reflect on and implement more of these winning beliefs into your own life and business in a way that works for you. In the process you will find you can out-create your previous levels of accomplishment and success to become even greater.

How do you stay ahead of the game? Comment below!

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Rose Aitken is a Global Empowerment Coach and Facilitator of Change living in Nelson, New Zealand. Rose loves working in that zone where psychology, science and spirituality intersect to create rapid and profound breakthroughs for her clients. You can apply to work with Rose here or download her free e-book here. When not at work Rose is travelling and attending personal development classes, hiking in the hills or hanging out with friends.

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