ego is the enemy
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Ryan Holiday is the author of several books, marketer, media strategist and entrepreneur. Additionally he is the former Marketing Director for American Apparel and editor-at-large for the New York Observer.

In his new book “Why Ego Is The Enemy“, Ryan shares why Ego may be the one thing holding back individuals from achieving greatness and success.

Ryan offers a fresh perspective on the concept of Ego and how it is to be understood in today’s digital era.

Check out this episode of the podcast to learn why ego is the enemy and how you can defeat it in order to find success:


If you love visuals then you can watch the video interview with Ryan Holiday here:


Get your hands on Ryan Holiday’s EGO IS THE ENEMY here:



  1. Hey Joel & Ryan,

    There are some sharp points in here, and I like how you clarified “ego” vs. “the ego”. I think “the ego” can be in fact very helpful and drive you towards what you want with a source of purpose and clarity. “Ego” is what happened when Conor McGregor stepped up to Nate Diaz and he was shot down.

    Love both fighters, but he was speaking on being invincible, basically, which is the exact thing Ryan warned about. I also appreciate your layout for creating a plan and sticking to it with your purpose, instead of getting lost in your “passion” for something.

    Makes me want to pick up the book and add it to the enormous stack on my reading list already 🙂

    Thanks fellas!

    – Evan

  2. I just finished reading Ryan’s new book and I learnt so much about controlling my ego. Ryan presents some interesting ideas on the podcast and I didn’t know much about the whole American Apparel story. He’s clearly very clever but it’s hard to believe he’s still so young. He talks a bit about working too hard which is something that we all suffer from. It’s good to have more people like Ryan talking about this subject and try to change our perceptions.


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