Vishen Lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani is the Founder of one of the top Personal Development brands “MindValley” and is a world renowned Entrepreneur and Education Hacker.

His new “The Code of the Extraordinary Mind” is in book stores around the world and is an incredible read for anyone looking for epic transformation in their life. He challenges the old rules and models we live in and sheds light on what is possible when you disrupt traditional systems.

Check out my latest podcast interview with Vishen to find out how you can unleash the power of your extraordinary mind:


vishen lakhiani book


  1. Absolutely love the guy, and entire MindValley organisation. Following them since 2010. Purchased several self-mastery programs along the way. Life-transforming education, and (more importantly) personal improvements. Outstanding support, too. A gift. Grateful. Thank you, guys.

  2. Confusing and contradictory, it is in a group with same minded like people that we have been able to move things forward, Just like your fingers operates for you to be able to grab something. It is not today that we are going to change that aspect. You want to win, it is simple, play together to win with one rule, together as a group…

  3. Vishen is one of my favourite entrepreneurs. I really enjoyed this podcast and I’m about to start reading his new book. What he does with his company Mind Valley just blows my mind and the way he thinks is addictive. Nice work on this podcast Joel.


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