How To Make Millions In Your Early 20’s – Alex Morton

How To Make Millions In Your Early 20’s – Alex Morton

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25 Year old Alex Morton is a light house of hope for young aspiring entrepreneurs who are dreading the coming years of paying off college debts, and living on a ramen noodle budget.

Alex managed to expand his fresh team of 4 to a massive 15,000 strong in the matter of a few years, allowing him to not only generate a handsome residual income of $1,000,000+, but also managed to free a number of young go-getters around the world from the chains of an average lifestyle.

Alex is on a mission to inspire and impact as many lives as possible with his insatiable desire to succeed.


Alex Morton shares his advice on achieving success in network marketing with Joel Brown in the podcast audio below.

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“I can think back to when I was in Arizona State a few years ago, I was broke, eating Taco Bell, eating a cheesy bean rice burrito with no fiesta salsa for dinner at 99 cents. I remember sitting there on the couch thinking “This guy, this girl and this guy, can all earn $100,000, $250,000 a year, $500,000 a year, a Million a year, and they have two legs, two arms, and they are human beings right?

I just made the decision that I was going to learn the information, I was going to go out there, I was going to make it happen, regardless of what it took, regardless of how much I had to sacrifice.” – Alex Morton


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  1. Joel & Alex,

    Awesome article here! I love the rhino skin reference and also how you recognize that what one man can do, another can as well.

    If we’re willing to stay consistent, take the specific action we need to and also ignore the naysayers, anything is possible. Staying around the right crew is so vital; thanks for sharing your insights.

    – Evan

  2. I checked out Veema. Great business, great product! I decided that for me I wanted to stay on the Internet Industry and study myself and and an industry of my choosing.

    But relationship marketing is a huge industry with LOTS of room for success.

  3. Way to go Alex! So proud to be able to follow a great leader like you! I hope to grow my business as large as yours and help thousands with hardwork and dedication! Rack em!

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