Joe Dispenza Rewire Your Brain Placebo Effect

Author, Coach and Neuroscientist “Dr. Joe Dispenza” shares his advice on how to achieve success in life by unlocking the power of your mind.

This in depth interview with Joe Dispenza goes into the benefits of meditation, how to tap in to your flow, finding your motivation, how to re-create your brain, the power of gratitude and much much more.

This by far is one of the most insightful Addicted2Success interviews on the topic of mindset.

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Joe Disepenza’s Words of Advice: If He Was Asked To Deliver His Final 30 Second Speech To The World

“Our purpose in life is to acknowledge that there is an intelligence within us that’s giving us life. That it’s both personal and universal, it’s within us and all around us, and that our job in life is to remove those masks of ignorance and the emotions that block the flow of the divine within us. And when we begin to move those layers, that intelligence begins to express itself and we become more like it, we become more wilful, we become more loving, we become more mindful and its mind becomes our mind.

The only way that you and I will ever do the Super Natural is by doing the Un-Natural. We have to give when everybody else is in lack, we have to show courage when everybody else is in fear, we have to show compassion when everybody else is judging. If you keep doing the Un-Natural over and over again… soon it will start to become Super Natural.” – Joe Dispenza (Addicted2Success Interview)


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