9 Of The Wildest Gadgets That Millionaire’s & Lottery Winners Are Buying

9 Of The Wildest Gadgets That Millionaire’s & Lottery Winners Are Buying

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Checkout these crazy, wild gadgets that the super rich are buying.


1. Personal Killer Whale Submarine

Price: $100,000








What does it do?: If you won the lottery, why not jump into a 17-foot watercraft that resembles a killer whale? The submarine can travel underwater at 25 miles per hour or hydroplane on the water’s surface at 50 mph. The watercraft fits two people who can enjoy the watery view through the glass top or by watching an LCD screen that captures the rear view.


2. Magnetic Floating Bed

Price: $1.6 million








What does it do?: After a long day of spending your jackpot winnings, rest your head on this levitating bed. A magnetic force propels the bed 16 inches off the ground. Cables keep the bed from maneuvering away from the magnet. 2001: A Space Odyssey reportedly inspired a Dutch architect to create the “flying bed.”


3. Dinosaur Bone-Infused iPad

Price: $8 million








What does it do?: The iPad 2 Gold History Edition features a 24-carat gold Apple logo and backing, 53 gems and “sections of a 65 million year old T-REX Dinosaur’s thigh bone,” among other pricey attributes.


4. Super-Luxurious Toilet

Price: $6,400








What does it do?: The Kohler Numi is no stinker. The elaborate toilet warms your feet, plays music and cleans your behind with an adjustable spray and subsequent drying function. A touchscreen controls the settings.


5. Fastest Street Legal Car

Price: $2.4 million








What does it do?: The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is dubbed as the fastest street legal car in the world, reaching speeds as fast as 268 miles per hour.


6. Jetpack

Price: $99,500








What does it do?: The JetLev Jetpack can lift you 30 feet into the air at 25 miles per hour for four hours, according to the company’s website.


7. 24-Carat Grill

Price: $165,000








What does it do?: Say what? BeefEater Barbecues’s bedazzled grill is covered in 24-carat gold except for the cooking surfaces. The company says the cooking tool is for people who “have money to burn.”


8. Batmobile Replica

Price: $190,836








What does it do?: This “officially licensed replica” of the 1966 Batmobile costs $150,000 and is decked out with a Batphone, “Detect-a-Scope” radar screen and rocket exhaust flamethrower.


9. Fish Tank Beds

Price: $489,000







What does it do?: NFL Star ‘Chad Ochocinco‘ purchased one of these and claims his wife, Evelyn Lozado stairs at the fish every night before falling asleep. These custom-made aquariums are designed by Wayde King and Brett Raymer, the stars of the new reality show “Tanked” on Animal Planet.


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