6 Important Keys To Staying Motivated For Life
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Staying motivated is a combination of internal and external factors that stimulate a desire to be continually interested and committed to attain a goal.

No matter what your situation is, staying motivated and hungry for success is perhaps one of the biggest challenges ever. To me motivation is considered as a form of behaviour and the impulse to react towards challenging situations.

The winners are the ones who have relentless power so great, that they make sure they don’t miss a day of motivation. In the end you’ll realise that motivation is a sense of freedom created by making key decisions for a better tomorrow.

Below are the 6 keys to staying motivated:


1. What’s your why?

The purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do! Knowing your why is an important first step in creating a life you enjoy living. Quite often it is a discovery in finding out who you really are by gaining a much deeper insight into your talents, skills, passion and values.

Questions to help you discover your why:

  1. What makes you come alive? What is your passion? A passion so powerful that makes you touch and inspire others bringing you satisfaction and fulfilment.
  2. What are your strengths? This should be a reflex response; an innate ability that helps you adapt in any challenging situation. Skills are developed by hours and hours of beating on your craft.
  3. How do you measure life?  All the success you have gained. Is it just accumulation? How do you bring value to life? do you use your success to help others or help change the world?

What then is the ultimate why? Is it to be the best human being? How do you want to be remembered to the future generation?



2. A vision

A vision helps us create what does not exist and seeing beyond the present reality. When we’re looking to define a vision, we conjure a bold statement that inspires us and drives us to want to get up every day to achieve it. Many successful organizations have been built on a vision or idea enabling them to incorporate strategies to achieve their goals.

Therefore having a vision is like a compass providing you with initiative in which direction to go. Your vision will therefore open doors of opportunities to a brighter future. If you really want a life that is better, happier you will intuitively make changes that are necessary for you to reach that life. Without clarity you will find yourself drifting aimlessly from task to task without an understanding of what bonds the individuals actions together and or the value created by the individual actions.

When you go through tough times your vision will help you overcome obstacles in life and will help you explain why you began in the first place. Therefore a vision is a powerful driving force giving you momentum to push away at resisting factors. Ask yourself where you see yourself in 5 years. How confidently would you be able to answer that question or how true to your statement will you be? Why then does it become difficult to answer this question?

The reason is because the lack of a well-defined vision and setting limits on ourselves. Anything is possible within a vision. When you construct your vision, why not vision big? Be creative and inventive in your vision. The sooner you take action the quicker you’ll be living your vision. Your vision maybe blurred at first but in time it becomes clearer as you work to make it come together.


Vision quotes

3. Be positive

Our perceptions of reality, how we think about ourselves and the world around us, what we look for and what we take to be true are determined by our beliefs. What you think is what you become. Throughout life we have all faced setbacks and challenges having received advice from that close friend who often says “stay positive.” There are times where I’ve been upset that things aren’t working the way I want them to and it became hard to bear.

Therefore the first thing I ever did was to constantly work on self-development step by step enabling me to be more confident in acquiring my goals even during the rough times.  Everything happens for a reason and this is one of the simplest ways to acknowledge a negative situation and to move forward from it. Of course it takes time to process thoughts before you can move on. Believe in yourself and be brave enough to ask yourself what is the one good thing about this situation and what opportunity does this situation provide.

This will enable you to face failures and to look for solutions thus stimulating change from within. Choose positive affirmations such as “I am going to handle whatever comes my way”, “I’m getting better every day”, and “I am going to get there no matter what”. Whilst everybody is wishing, hoping, waiting, you’re fighting for what you want. Remind yourself of the countless blessings because there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy; your family, friends, your faith, your work. This cycle of reminding yourself in times of hardship will help you see the world in a different way and keep you going.


4. The right people

Why do we need them or what do we search for when surrounding ourselves with the “right people?” Ultimately we look for guidance and help in achieving our goals. As humans we constantly give and receive energy so it is important to be free of negative energy. Spending time with family, friends and successful, like-minded people, revitalises you and recharges your batteries.

Every time you spend time with the right people, explore their mind-set by engaging in stimulating conversations; extract valuable information that you can take away. As I progressed in life I took on positive traits of my role models making me the strong person I am today. I admired my role models for their professionalism and work ethic gathering words of advice. Visualizing them as a template for my success, translating their words into action. So begin with asking the right questions making you feel more confident and motivated in going further than you could of have imagined.

Staying committed to the ones who support and encourage us to reach our goals is a special relationship key to your motivation that often breaks when we feel that we have not spent time with people who matter to us most. Now the nightmarish people: filter out the negative energy from people who cannot seem to accept your ambition. I simply stay away as far as I can from negative people because I am allergic to them. I don’t despise negative and miserable people; I see them as people who I do not want to be; in fact they push me to be a better person.


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5. The plan

In reality we cannot foresee everything and sometimes we strain ourselves by trying to achieve perfection in planning for a desired result. You can’t plan for every possible turn of events, but you can be well prepared to handle the majority of them. Therefore one must remain flexible and work to adapt to unexpected situations. Eliminate the doubts in your mind because manifesting your vision is based on plan that takes time and patience.

Challenge yourself in applying a consistent and controlled approach to your goals even on a daily routine. This trains your mind in figuring out ways to make adjustments that will eventually pay off.  If the plan does not work, don’t change the goal because it doesn’t mean that you are not worthy of it so alter the plan. A plan is useless without action, so develop the impetus to push yourself mentally and use all tools at hand to develop a strategy to break down both short term and long term goals into manageable tasks.


6. The promise

No one can do it but you, this is the reality now. Looking at yourself in the mirror and making it your personal responsibility to live to the best of your potential. You must have the urge to constantly believe that there is something out there better for you and you must work towards that dream. Don’t be too hard on yourself just because you have made bad decisions thus it is important to teach yourself to learn from mistakes and make the effort to grow.

Be in pursuit of a new meaning; that is the key to staying motivated! Thank you for reading my article!


  1. Beautifully written, each step resonates deeply with me especially staying positive and surrounding yourself with people who fuel your drive. I believe all can achieve whatever success we desire with persistence, positivity, and support.

  2. Up at 5:32 a.m., and I just finished reading this article from my phone. First of all it is very focused and definitely contains key points which I believe so many people find themselves in continuous cycles searching for. Staying motivated is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, fact of the matter is most of us don’t recognize that it’s not a one time thing, it takes cultivation, but once you realize how to maintain motivation it can snowball into so much good! I’ve had my best summer in terms of growth in 2015, and I am reaping the benefits of forward thinking, thanks for the good read, Peace and Blessings •

    • Thank you for the comment and reading my article; motivation; definitely not a one time thing and it takes years to maintain; with effort and faith success will come at the right time; everyone will have that moment; a moment to be in awe.

      Peace and blessings to you too.

  3. Thank you for the comment and my next article will be linked to this.

    Yes FOCUS is also a key word. Asking yourself questions and reminding yourself of positive affirmations does drive away negativity and helps you channel positive energy into your life. I am surprised to find out that not many people note down their goals or positive things. It actually helps so much to write in your diary a motivational quote or talking to people; a contact list for advice; future goals. Talking to people and asking the right questions definitely takes a lot of weight of ones shoulders.

  4. Love this well-written article. Finding your purpose in life, something that is bigger than your own self-interest is a great way to stay motivated. Also, having a vision for your future is also important in helping you stay motivated and determined. You have to find the little things that will keep you motivated because every road to success will have its down days. Staying determined enough to push past those down days is the key to achievement.

    • Thank you for the comment; my next article will be even better. It is really great to get feedback or comments. That in itself is motivation for me too.

  5. All the six points are important and good enough to succeed in any field of life. I am trapped in the company of negative persons who are my tennis player colleagues. I can not get rid of them although I am trying my best for the last one year. I do not know what to do ?

    • In regards to negative people… The most important thing to do is not respond in a negative way otherwise you throw away your character; resolve things in a positive way…. step by step. Furthermore one must gain the respect of people who try to bring you down and how do you do that ?; one way that worked for me is always be kind and gentle; even smile; a bit like reverse psychology; don’t be negative; if they show you negativity; neutralise that negativity with positivity; smile; show that it does not affect you; be happy; (negative people don’t want to see you happy); slowly but surely they will be VERY surprised and won’t treat you in a bad way; and look to build positive relationships with others if they continue to bring your ambitions or dreams down . Show them your efforts through your work; let your success speak for itself and your hard work; ethic. WORK HARD IN SILENCE AND LET SUCCESS MAKE THE NOISE.

  6. Great advice…thanks!

    I struggle with #3 Be Positive. Often my patience wears thin waiting for results to appear innresponse to my effort. I take setbacks pretty hard, too.

    I recently heard some advice to help me cope with major setbacks – I was advised to ask myself ‘what does this event make possible?’ The question directs me to focus on the positive side of the situation instead of dwelling on the more obvious negative aspects.


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