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What A Pandemic Can Teach You About Your Business



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This pandemic will likely shake up the whole corporate world quite heavily. Big businesses are – as always – too big to fail, but some smaller businesses will definitely end up in the gutter. Globalization will clearly be reduced on a large scale. Countries will act differently with each other, as well as us humans.

But if you have a personal or online business, there is a lot to learn from this pandemic. A lot of people can’t go out and socialize and don’t have anything to do because their company does not have home office capabilities. I’ve been asked a lot how I keep my mental sanity throughout this pandemic, and I realized that these guidelines I have for myself are great guidelines for running a personal business along with your own life.

1. Have a routine

Just because you are locked at home doesn’t mean you can drop everything you did each and every day so far. Routine is what gives your day structure, and structure keeps your life from chaos. 

What your routine looks like is totally up to you and dependent on what you are doing, what business you’re in, and what you want to achieve. To give you an example of a routine, see mine below: 

  • I get up at 5 am every day
  • I have coffee and talk a bit with my wife
  • I write down something I am grateful for, something I let go, and what I will achieve today
  • I eat at the same times each day
  • I go for a walk at noon
  • I work out, even if it is just 15 minutes of push-ups and sit-ups
  • I plan goals for the next day each evening
  • No heavy boozing
  • No hours of Netflix

What does it achieve? Firstly, I know what my day looks like. I don’t just wake up whenever and then ask myself what to do. I wake up and already know what’s going on today. That makes starting your day way easier.

“Look For Magic in Daily Routine.” – Lou Barlow

2. Handling the body-mind-symbiont

The body and the mind are heavily intertwined. A numb body makes for a numb mind. You don’t need to be Arnold Schwarzenegger levels of jacked, but you need to move each and every day of your life. Every time I go for a walk, or workout, I notice my mind wandering. I am thinking about stuff and reflecting. If your body gets moving, your blood flow increases and this automatically pumps up your brain as well.

Why is this important for your business? Simple. Most businesses, especially online, live and die off of your ideas and your ability to concentrate on your work. For this, it is detrimental for your mind to function properly. This can be achieved by moving your body

3. The importance of the morning

The morning routine is my most important task of the day. I have a journal where I write each day:

  • The bad thing I want to let go of for today
  • What I am grateful for
  • What I will accomplish today

Only do one thing per question! Keep it simple and quick. You don’t want to overwhelm your mind with fifteen things to be grateful for. Just one a day because you probably don’t have it as bad as you think regardless of being in a pandemic. 

While other people have it way worse, you are likely at home, will survive, and have running water, food, and electricity. Your business isn’t dying, even if sales broke down a bit, you’re still making money. Maybe you now have time to improve your business because you can’t work on your 9-5. Whatever your situation is, there is, 100%, something you can be grateful for.

Don’t just focus on the negatives. See the positive as well, this will ease your mind, and you will be more willing to work on your projects. 

“For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ And whenever the answer has been ‘No’ for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” – Steve Jobs

4. Plan your day ahead

Yes, this is business 101, but still. I noticed this a lot while we’re in this COVID-19 pandemic. Planning your day the day before is absolutely necessary. Each evening, set one big goal, and a few smaller goals you want to achieve with your business and with your life. If you want to do something around your house, and you’ve been neglecting it for weeks, plan it for tomorrow, and do it. Plan a proper time frame for when you’ll do it. Don’t just say you’ll do it “tomorrow.”

Chaos is what drives us mad, because we don’t know what will be happening. The reason why we all work so well in a 9-5 job, is because the day is usually externally structured. You are told when to arrive and when to leave. If you work for yourself or currently work at home, you’re likely relying on yourself for structure. Just act like you are your own supervisor, and you’re setting up structures for a lazy employee. Be your own boss, plan this guys’ day, and make him work it!

Know how your days look. Give them structure, keep your body alive, and this pandemic, as well as the implications of running a business, will be no problem.

I hope I helped you with an example of my routine and how to set up yours. But please, after this pandemic is over, don’t drop it real quick and go back to old ways. Keep this routine up forever, and see your life thrive.

How do you create structure in your life? Share some examples & thoughts with us below!

Alexander Reich is an author, writer, and entrepreneur. He is obsessed with self-improvement and maximizing the human capabilities, hence why he founded which is his personal blog and has helped hundreds of young men to achieve greatness in their life. Follow his Twitter for more.

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