The Struggle
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Every entrepreneur is guilty of experiencing a time at some point when you think you’ve hit rock bottom. Getting to the top is a process which involves many obvious setbacks. But while most people run away from failure due to the fact it could mean the end, I suggest all entrepreneurs embrace it with open arms, learn from it and move on. Hence, the silent truth here is: Failing is just a stepping stone to success.

If entrepreneurs really want to get to the top, they have to fail their way to it. Now is the best time to fail in something so you get it right tomorrow. You must grow where you are planted and spread without fear of failure for growth is a mystery that naturally takes place in your life which you cannot help.

For every entrepreneur to have a successful failure, you should take note of these ways you can fail forward:

1. Hold nothing back

Whether you are working on a new project, trying out a new recipe or getting into a new relationship; learn to go all the way. Give it your all. Allow yourself the privilege to enjoy the ride as it goes on. After all, what is the worst that could happen? To your delight, that fear of failure you thought may occur could be your unbelievable launch to a massive success.

Think of one great person who has never failed. I can assure you there are none. The difference here is they don’t see it as failure but as a pathway to lessons learnt. The current situation you may regard as failure only makes you better at the next.

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

2. Don’t think too much about the challenges

Challenges are like bridges created in front of every entrepreneur to stop him from taking part in the event going on on the other side of success. The more you wallow in pain on the sad consequences of your action going wrong, you fear taking a step forward. Do whatever you wish by not holding on to the negative result of failing. Concerned on what your neighbor may think about you? You should know their thoughts don’t matter. Live your life without excuses like a King or Queen who owes nobody on earth and enjoy the benefits.

3. Be ready to change courses and move on

We have all had that moment when a hearty joyous relationship suddenly turns sour. Be it from a business partner or fellow church member. Don’t hang on to mend anything. There are something’s which may occur that if you try to mend, gracefully waste your time. Let it go! Don’t see yourself as a failure because this particular relationship or method of getting something done did not work out.

If it doesn’t match up with what you want, never forget you always have a choice either to continue or let it go. Entrepreneurs must understand that there are several ways success can be achieved. If your first approach doesn’t work, bear in mind that you are just taking a more pleasant approach to achieve the same goal.

4. Appreciate everyday

We do not know the value of what we have until we lose it. You only know and appreciate the value of money after being broke for a while. Until your business revenue crashes, you don’t see the magnitude of what you have at hand. Until the negative somehow find its way to you, you may never appreciate the positive.

Until you become broke for a while, you never appreciate the value of money. Now until you have failed, you almost never appreciate what you already have. The sooner the failure comes, the sooner you appreciate your blessing in disguise. We as humans are naturally wired that way.

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

5. Realize how strong you are

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Keep striving in the ugly face of adversity. Reduce the number of friends you have because not everyone in your circle is a friend. Know the real ones. Be prepared to do many things alone. Against all odds, you need to be the best you can possibly be. Someday, all of your efforts will be crowned with success. There is plenty of room at the top. Don’t stop failing your way to it.

What are some things you have learned from failing as an entrepreneur?  Leave your thoughts below!


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