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5 Reasons Relocation Sparks Creativity and Opportunity for Entrepreneurship



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The thought of packing up your life and moving to a new city can be overwhelming and scary. You are leaving the place you are familiar with and may have called home since birth. There are a lot of uncertainties and fears that will enter your mind, but this is normal.

While there is an increasing number of startups that work remotely, and many established companies are transitioning from a traditional office setup to a remote structure, there is still something extremely powerful about relocating to a new city that sparks not only creativity but new opportunities as well.

When one chapter in your life closes there is always another opportunity. It’s not always going to fall in your lap or be within arms reach though. Sometimes you have to go get it, wherever it may be. Your goals won’t always come to you. The entrepreneurs who are fearless and willing to make uncomfortable moves are the ones rewarded with success.

Whether you are looking for a new opportunity or simply need a shot of creativity injected into your veins, relocation is something to consider. 

Here are the 5 key reasons why relocating to a new place is something entrepreneurs should consider:

1. It Gives You a Fresh Start

The most successful entrepreneurs have failed several times. Their first home run usually comes after multiple strikeouts. They eventually find success because they are relentless and don’t give up. 

When one business venture fails, there is an opportunity to start something else. Sometimes a new location can give you a fresh start, mentally, that will prove to be beneficial. A new setting and new creative energy can be positive, mentally, helping to remove memories of the previous failure.

New sights, smells, surroundings, and cultures can all be mentally stimulating, having a positive impact on your mental clarity and focus. The excitement of being in a new environment alone can help pave the way to success.

Considering a fresh start isn’t something to be ashamed of, either. The worst decision you can make is remaining in an environment that isn’t allowing you to reach your full potential. Admitting to yourself that a fresh start might help is the first step.

2. New Settings Spark Creative Thinking

A new environment is highly creative. You notice things you would have never thought of before. Your senses are at an all-time high. The noise, lights, and chaos — it’s all enhanced when you first arrive in a new location.

While it won’t last forever, the creativity that a new environment breeds, in the beginning, is powerful. Whether you are starting a new business that you’ve already conceived in your mind or you are trying to think of your next venture, there isn’t a better setting than somewhere new and uncharted.

How do you know what location will spark the creative juices? This is where you have to trust your gut feeling. Is there a place you visited before that made you feel alive? Is there a city you love and feel fits your personality? If you feel it inside, go for it. Remember, those that take risks are the ones that reap the reward.

“Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

3. You Can Position Yourself (and Your Business) in the Heart of the Action

Not all businesses can thrive in a remote environment and not all entrepreneurs shine working in a coffee shop hidden behind a laptop and headphones. While there are many benefits of remote work, you don’t have to fully adapt to this new startup culture.

If you have a business that will benefit from its location, then by all means go for it and plant it directly where it needs to be for it to grow to its full potential. Launching a creative agency that specializes in creating content for the entertainment business?

Being located in the heart of Los Angeles is going to serve you better than working remotely in the middle of Ohio. In a situation like this being in the heart of the entertainment world is going to put you where the action is. Not every business can operate from the sidelines.

There is nothing wrong with having a physical presence when it benefits your business and your customers. Go where the action is and be aggressive. It’s not going to magically fall into your lap — go get what you want.

4. You Can Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

Does the thought of relocating scare you because you’re afraid of not knowing anyone? Thanks to co-working spaces in most cities you will make valuable new connections almost immediately and surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs. These relationships can turn into friendships, business relationships, and partnerships.

You can find local meetups via Facebook Groups,, and smaller co-working spaces. Even companies like Capital One are starting to create co-working spaces.

You could move to a new location and not know a single person when you arrive, and within a week have several amazing new connections. Never let the “I don’t know anyone there” excuse prevent you from experiencing a new location.

“I can accept failure. Everybody fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Fear is an illusion.” – Michael Jordan

5. You Can Leverage Location-Based Relationships and Collaborations

Why do you think all of the top YouTube creators live in Los Angeles? They weren’t all born and raised there. LA became the creator hub, and those that wanted to make YouTube a career relocated there so they could leverage the power of collaborations.

When you look at some of the largest YouTube channels you will see so much cross-promotion and collaborations between the largest channels. The majority of them are all located in Los Angeles. They saw an opportunity and went for it.

If there is an opportunity to leverage relationships and collaborations based on location, it’s something to consider. Remember, you can always move back, so don’t be afraid to try somewhere new.

Are you living at your dream location? If not, what’s stopping you from moving? Share your thoughts with us below!

Dominic Blanco is a former professional baseball player turned entrepreneur. Blanco is the President and CEO of Athletic Performance Experience, a professional athlete services collective, President and CEO of digital services and experience design agency APE. Media Group, and Co-Founder of Do It For Kids Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to improve the quality of life of the youth by exposing them to music, arts and sports.

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