The Top 10 Audio Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Listen To

The Top 10 Audio Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Listen To

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With a million and one things on an entrepreneur’s agenda, it is almost next to impossible to find the time to read a book from front to back. Well what if we told you that you don’t have to push hours aside and that you can even soak in all the knowledge of a wonderful read while you walk the dog, go for a jog or drive to work?

Well now you can with these downloadable audio books that come highly recommend for any entrepreneur looking at expanding their knowledge and taking their life and business to that next level.


The Top 10 Entrepreneur Audio Books


The Lean Startup Audio Book

The Lean Startup

Eric Ries explains the best practices of how to discover customers for your ideas, how to plan/test/release your products to market and when to pivot.

A must read for every startup organization.

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The Willpower Instinct Audio BookThe Willpower Instinct

One of the best Audio books to cover the topic of willpower. As much as I would love to listen to this book for the entire 8 and a half hours, there is just way too much to take in. This audio book has a lot of facts and scientific evidence which has already personally helped me strengthen my will power techniques.

This book is a must for any and everyone.

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Robert Kiyosaki - Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Within the first few minutes of listening to this book you will realise why this is the #1 best selling financial book of all time with over 26 million copies sold. The knowledge from this masterpiece is too good to sleep on.

This audio book will change the way you make MONEY.

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Anything you want Audio BookAnything You Want: 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur

Derek Siver’s ‘Anything You Want’ is a manifesto about living life, appreciating enough, and doing what matters.

This book will help you reinforce a clearer intention about what you have planned for your future so that you can experience not only success but happiness for an overall well-rounded life.

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Richard Branson Losing My Virginity - Audio BookRichard Branson: Losing My Virginity

Richard Bransons’s ‘Losing My Virginity’ is a great audio book that carries great entertainment and a fistful of knowledge. Branson is quite ambitious and this book shows how he lives his life the way he wants to while still creating a very successful empire.

This book is highly recommended for any entrepreneur who is interested in learning how to live the type of life Richard Branson has.

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The 4 hour work week audio bookThe 4-Hour Work Week

This audio book will show you how to successfully escape the 9-5, live anywhere and join the new rich.The author Tim Ferriss is an all out warrior when it comes to finding out the best way for you to achieve anything.

This book will change the way you live your life by showing you the most efficient ways to be successful yet relaxed in a demanding world.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Crush It Audio Book

Gary Vaynerchuk: Crush It!

Do you have a hobby you wish you could indulge in all day? An obsession that keeps you up at night? Now is the perfect time to take that passion and make a living doing what you love.

The electric & high energy persona of ‘Gary Vaynerchuk‘ will inspire you to take action NOW!

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Do More Faster Audio Book

Do More Faster

The authors of this book run a well-respected program for high tech entrepreneurs, but even if you’re a not a software person, the tips in this book about starting, running, and planning a business are extremely valuable.

This book is rich with information, everything an entrepreneur needs to know to venture on.

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Street Smarts - Entrepreneur Audio BookStreet Smarts

This audio book is an all purpose tool kit for entrepreneurs, packed with the authors 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.

If knowledge is power then this book is Super Charged!!

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Think and Grow Rich Audio BookThink And Grow Rich

The original and still the best!

Your collection is not complete without Think & Grow Rich in the mix.

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  1. I’m curious as to what you would rate the top book specifically on marketing for the small business owner. My favorite book currently is made to stick like some of the other readers good to great is amazing as well. But I am growing a small business I own along with my wife a janitorial company and it’s hard to find people that focus on service orientated companies

  2. A great list of resources. I would put “Think and Grow Rich” at the top of the list because I feel it gives life lessons in general while most other books focus on specific topics.

  3. I have read/listen most of the books outlined in your list, but I think The Art of the Start from Kawasaki is crucial for any beginning entrepreneur and I think even a lot of more experienced ones would benefit from reading this book.

  4. A must read is Napolean Hills outwitting the devil. The book and the audio is very entertaining and life changing. It was written in 1938 and just released this year and it stills relates to today.

  5. Fantastic selection, Napoleon Hills ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is timeless masterpiece also recommend ‘The Answer’ By John Assaraf and The ‘E-Myth Revisited’ by Michael E Gerber

  6. Great advice, Joel! Another must-hear are in my opinion some of Brian Tracy´s adiotapes e.g. The Miracle of Self Discipline.

    Thanks for Sharing, Petra

    • Good to Great is a must Read.
      Made to Stick and Switch by Chip & Dan Heath.
      Of Course all of Seth Godin books, must read Linchpin.

  7. The lean startup is a must read for every entrepreneur! I have heard a lot of GREAT things about “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”….what’s your opinion on that book? Is it a must read?

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