The 6 Different Types Of Procrastinators – Find Your Type & We’ll Show You How To Fix It


We are all guilty of procrastination at some point in our lives. We get caught up in other activities and put some of our most important ‘to-do’s’ on the back burner only to feel crappy about not acting on it earlier when it comes around to bite us on our lazy asses.

Good thing for you we have a list of the 6 different types of procrastinators. We are all at least one type out of the 6 featured, some of us are an amalgamation of a few of these. Find which one you are, or one(s) you are and get ready to shake your world up with some extra life accomplishments.


The 6 Different Types Of Procrastinators

Procrastination tips for everyone:

- Get help from others (professors, friends, family) to stay accountable.

- Keep a daily journal to evaluate your use of time.

- Practice visualization. Envision the changes you want to make in your life — how it feels to make the change, and what your life looks like after the changes are made.

- Create a timeline for completing a task or achieving a goal, with specific, short-term steps along the way.


I set this as my Desktop Wallpaper, It has helped me stop procrastinating, try it on your desktop also and let me know if you see progress.

Thanks for reading this article guys.

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