13 Harsh Reasons Why You Are Nowhere Near Success

13 Harsh Reasons Why You Are Nowhere Near Success

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Here are 13 harsh, yet truthful indicators as to why you are nowhere near success at this very point in time.


Reasons Why You Are Not Successful Yet


1 – You procrastinate

Actions speak louder than words, the longer you leave something as just a thought someone else out there is taking action and achieving YOUR dreams, only problem with that is, you will never feel what it’s like to achieve success because someone came along and took the rug from underneath your lazy ass.


2 – You forget that you are mortal

No one lives forever, time is of the essence and every minute that passes you by is another chance gone to make your dreams come true.


3 – You listen to others stupid advice

“That’s too hard”, “that won’t work”, “you’re too young”, “you’re too old”. All of that advice is bullsh!t. If everyone listened to the negative advice of others, no one and no thing would really progress in this world.


4 – You are in a bad place

You need to position yourself in an environment where you can be stress free, creative and surrounded by positive people. Your environment is very important, it can influence the way you think, feel and see things.


5 – You dont have a strong enough belief

You need to believe in your dream. It has to be as real as you can make it. If you believe it, you can conceive it and achieve it. The mind and body is an incredible machine, why waste it on the easy and average things in life.


6 – Your motivation is not compelling enough

Why do you want to be successful? Paint a vivid picture in your head of why you deserve to be successful, why you? How are things going to look once you achieve your dreams? This picture needs to be so motivating that it will inspire you to do anything to reach your dreams.


7 – Your crew sucks!

The great motivational speaker Jim Rohn once said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”.

As humans we learn through repetitious info and the influence of others. We unconsciously learn a lot of things from one another and are affected by our closest of friends and family members. This been said, make sure whoever is in your circle is of good benefit towards your growth, whether it be financially, spiritually, physically or mentally. Don’t be afraid to cut off those who will only drag you down.


8 – You haven’t learned how much regret can really be a bummer!

You never want to be the one who said “I wish I did this” or “I wish I did that”. The one emotion you don’t ever want in life is regret.

NOW has never been a better time to work towards your success.


9 – You are a part time player

You only work towards your goals when it is really convenient for you, or when you have nothing else to do. You look forward to your weekends so you can go out and party instead of using some of that time to work towards your dreams. Balance is good (don’t get me wrong), because you SHOULD take a break from time to time,  but if you live for the weekend, every week, then your plan to be successful is most definitely broken.


10 – You have not set any reminders

Everyone needs a reminder or a wake up call.

Set goals, an inspirational wallpaper on your phone, revise a collection of top quotes, tell your partner or best friend about your dream and make it a daily ritual to remind yourself of what you are truly capable of and what you are working towards.


11 – You think you have arrived already

You cannot afford to settle and stay complacent if you want to achieve success, there is always room to grow, there is ALWAYS more good that we can do in this world.

Keep moving, keep winning.


12 – You are not persistent enough

You hit a bump and you gave up. It’s just a hurdle, so pick yourself up and TRY AGAIN!

Studies show that the most successful people in life are passionate and overly persistent in reaching their goals and dreams. As this picture below would suggest, you could be inches away from success, Never Give Up:









13 – You forgot to be happy

What is all the fame and fortune worth if you are not happy? See, we grow up believing success leads to happiness, when in actual fact our brains work in exactly the opposite order.

Everyone’s view of what success means to them will be different, but at the end of the day if you are not happy with your achievements, the people around you or the journey itself then you should re-evaluate the direction you are headed in and adjust your plan accordingly.

Your journey may be a while on the road to success, so why not enjoy the view along the way :)


Article By Joel Brown | Addicted2Success.com


  1. Don’t like numbers 4 and 7 at all. They sound snobby and without empathy. I have had friends and family who for whatever reason are not rich and successful, and others suffering from clinical depression, pain, bereavement, disability and other mishaps that can leave them feeling down and not so positive and go-getting. Do I dissociate from them and abandon them? I suffered a bad bereavement last year that affected me for months, and am that left me down and hopeless for a while. I would have hated for people to abandon me as I may have “dragged them down” from their trajectory towards the perfect, happy life….

  2. Actually, procrastination is the correct thing to do because if you are thinking of what you want to do, you can plan for what you want to do. You only plan if you may fail a bit on the road, if you do not; then be in the moment. Though, many people do not succeed because life bites them in the ass. Next, they also realize that it is not just their viewpoint but, there are many obstacles that one goes through and then realize that it was not the right path. For instance, look at surgeons; they are wage slaves. If you do not control the money supply, then you will only be mediocre. Good “luck” in you endeavors. Break a leg.

  3. Uh…I think you forgot #14! And #14 is “listening to others tell you whether you are successful or not in the first place.” While the title of this blog post is provocative…let’s not forget it is feeding into the basic insecurities that most people have when we let other define us. First and foremost, when we learn to define success for ourselves independent of what ANYONE (or any website) thinks…then that is SUCCESS to me! Thanks for helping me get clear on that!

    • Yes Kathy. Success and Failure is very relative. It’s just like the fact that $100 may mean nothing to A but it may mean the world to B. At end of the day, it is important to be happy then being successful.

  4. Commenting on item #6. Motivation! You know, most people are motivated to go after money,, but without plans. I feel money is the root, but lack guidance. Most people only want, but don’t really know what to do with it once achieved. My point is, go past the motivation, have an alphabet plan. A, B. C., etc. Without a plan, you’ll end up right back where you started. Like the saying says, “A fool and their money shell soon part” don’t be that fool, take some time to devise your plan, and make sure your plan has steps on how you will execute. This should include “short Term, as well as Long Term” goals.

  5. One of the best life changing article. After reading this, its creates positive vibrations in body.
    Really great to read. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Joel,

    I have to admit that I have been guilty of every single thing mentioned on this post. Thank goodness that I have been able to stretch my comfort zone to overcome the majority of the 13. Thanks for sharing this post:)

    Stacie Walker

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