(Infographic) The Top 15 Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

(Infographic) The Top 15 Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

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Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

This is for all of the doubters who ever thought that making millions or even billions by following a career in voice acting would not be possible.

This Infographic by RushEssay shows you the richest cartoon character voice owners and their stories of success.







15 of The Richest Voice Over Actors

Richest Cartoon Voice Actors

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  1. Hi Joel,

    One word comes to mind… ‘Madness!’.

    But one great benefit of being a rich cartoon voice actor is less people will recognize you. Not as many people hounding you for autographs. Less paparazzi outside your house. And they all look very ‘normal’ rather than celebrities.

    The perfect job if you ask me. I’ve seen inside those Simpson studios and it’s more like a playground rather than a ‘place of work’.


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