Worlds Billionnaires Top Infographic

This neat little Infographic designed by Exceptional Villas shows you the ins and outs of the worlds top billionaires.

These stats are very interesting, it seems that there are a lot more billionaires coming up in the world now and it is great to see a number of them contributing back to society. There are a lot more female billionaires on the rise also, and there seems to be a lot more self made billionaires around.

Checkout The Worlds Top Billionaire InfoGraphic for a little Billionaire 101.



The World’s Top Billionaires

Worlds Top Billionnaires Infographic


  1. I don’t like how all the women on that list inherited their money. Are there no self made women billionaires besides Tory Burch?

  2. Hi Joel,

    I expected there is be about 2000-2500 billionaires worldwide. I’m not shocked about the increase in billionaires. I think the recession has created people ready to fight for the lifestyle they deserve.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I can’t get excited about billionaires who have inherited their fortune. The self-made always seem to have a much more interesting story to tell. I’ve always loved a good rags to riches story!



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