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I came across this story and it really inspired me and got me thinking just how important it is to really love what you do in life and for the right reasons. Rose Gilbert, also known as ‘Mama G’ resides in Los Angeles and is a full-time Literature teacher and has been teaching since 1956. If you do the maths you will find out that Rose is in fact 88 years of age. Making her one amongst the very small percentage of teachers still teaching full time at this age! She has taught many celebrities and powerful people of today in her classes and has nearly 100 years on her to share with all.


You will see in the below video, the inspiration Rose has been to many students!

Rose Gilbert has been through many hardships throughout her teaching career and life, having lost her daughter and her husband and she is also a MILLIONAIRESS but despite her financial situation she still chooses to work. Why you may ask? For the simple fact that she loves what she does!

Rose Gilbert has a very different style of teaching and wants her students to love literature, poetry and life and not just get caught up in grades. She wears a red plastic fire helmet when she teaches as she believes she is on fire (figure of speech) She effortlessly connects with all of her pupils and loves to challenge them. Many pupils usually don’t start out liking poetry, so she eases them in with love poems by e.e. Cummings. “It’s very sexy,” Gilbert says.

Rose Gilbert has been known to collect 10 page essays from a class with two dozen or more students and have them ready and graded the next day! Weights and Yoga are part of her daily morning regime and her weekends are filled with UCLA basketball and football games. When Rose was asked when she will stop teaching, she paused and answered; “When I am tired. I am not tired yet and feel like I have more energy than a kid”

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