Motivational Coach and Best Selling Author “Brendon Burchard” shares his advice on how to discover those hints that life is throwing our way so that we can discover our own life purpose.

After a car accident at 19 years old Brendon Burchard became inspired to turn his life around and follow his dreams. He switched his gears up a notch and learned everything he possibly could about personal development. Shortly after he achieved amazing success as he accomplished his dreams of becoming a multi-millionaire writer and trainer.

Brendon now dedicates his life to helping others to find their charge and to share their voice with the world.


Brendon Burchard – Hints To The Purpose of Life


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  1. Thanks. Here’s a rough-hewn statement of my Purpose:

    It’s my duty and joy to “put good into the world” , in whatever small ways I can. I can only tend to my tiny little corner, and the most significant part of that is other people. Part of my purpose is to be increasingly open to new people and ideas, and to assiduously avoid being critical and negative. I learned this in my career as a Sex Offender Facilitator/ therapist in Canadian prisons.. Although I am now retired from this, i was blessed to have had the opportunity, and the skills I learned there are useful to me each day.

  2. Good stuff. We each have purposes if we can gain the internal strength to pursue. Brendon helps us realize that. A2S site in general is an amazing purpose. I believe health, real health, is at the core of fueling purpose.

  3. I have been following Brendon Burchard and his teaching for some time now and have bought his latest 3 books….(still need to get his first). It is my intention to be fully charged each day and in that, challenge others to live a life of purpose as well.

    I am certainly older than Brendon (59) but it is my time to challenge the generations following mine and make a positive difference in lives that need to find or regain their purpose. Thanks for what you do Joe to bring motivation such as this to others.


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