(Video) Words Of Advice From Sean Parker | The Internet Billionaire &...

(Video) Words Of Advice From Sean Parker | The Internet Billionaire & Facebooks Co-Founder

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Sean Parker, the Creator of the 90s music sharing program “Napster” and the former president of “Facebook“, shares business advice he once received from Steve Jobs with 2 young and hopeful Indian Entrepreneurs. With his hands in all the hot corners of the tech scene out there Sean Parker knows how to position himself with the winners and stay away from the losers. Seans net worth is said to be around 2.1 Billion and growing.

Sean Parkers character was portrayed by Justin Timberlake in the hit movie “The Social Network“. Watch the video in this post for some great business advice from the real Sean Parker.


Sean Parker Sharing Steve Jobs Advice To 2 Young Hopeful Entrepreneurs


Sean Parkers Work Ethic

This one day example will give you an idea of what Sean Parkers typical daily schedule is like:

  • Over the last ten hours he’s interviewed two potential VPs for his new video startup, answered hours’ worth of e-mails about the music platform he’s backing, Spotify,
  • Met with a potential CEO for his Facebook charity app, Causes.
  • Booking bands and wrangling vendors for his engagement party, scheduled in New Jersey the same night Hurricane Irene looks to hammer the Northeast (with Lenny Kravitz grounded in North Carolina, he eventually subs in the Cold War Kids).
  • Sean breaks from work to dine with Jack Dorsey, the chief of Facebook rival Twitter and payment service Square.
  • After dinner, at the restaurant bar, Sean Parker interviews another potential boss for Causes. By the time Sean Parker drops off a journalist at his hotel, it’s 11:30 p.m. Parker’s day is about half done.
  • For the next six hours Parker fires off e-mails, then turns to his private Facebook page. Just before 7 a.m. he goes to bed. Four hours later he’s up, ready to do it all again.


(Video) Sean Parkers Advice For Internet Business Success


(Video) The Internet Billionaire – Sean Parker



  1. all I will say is that if it weren’t for Sean, none of the current generation of Internet Success Stories would take place,, he broke the mold when it comes to disruptive marketing and is constantly coming up with ideas that are going to take this world by storm.. WOW,,

  2. sean parker is very underrated, they made him look like a dick in the social network. this guy is full of awesome advice, thanks for this guys.

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