If you are not already, you need to follow “Rev Run” From Run DMC on Twitter. This guy is a fountain full of good words and truth, spreading his motivational thoughts out to over 2 and a half million Twitter followers around the world every day. Rev Run is responsible for inspiring and mentoring a number of successful artists on the charts over the last 2 decades and is also known as the brother of Legendary Def Jam Records founder “Russell Simmons“. In this Video UK Radio Personality Tim Westwood talks with Rev Run about Handling Life, His Words Of Wisdom & What Is Most Important In Life.

Rev Runs Words Of Wisdom With Tim Westwood


Rev Runs Amazing Words Of Advice:

“Monotony is a RAPID AGER. The mind grows stale very quickly under a monotonous life, a humdrum existence. Lack of growth, of interest, of change is fatal!!.. People who live the same kind of life year in and year out age rapidly. (Remember) The shriveling up process, the wrinkles, all appear in the mind first.Keep changing.Stay fresh,Stay excited….” – Rev Run

Never let other people determine your life’s outcome! We will all mess up from time to time.. And If you’re gonna mess up, it might as well be your decision NOT someone else’s. It’s cool to listen to folks sometimes. (But remember!!) Never be so open minded that your brains fall out!” –Rev Run

If you truly want to be successful in life, there is one law you must apply: SACRIFICE. You must sacrifice selfishness if you want friends. You must give up poor eating if you want health. You must give up loose living if you want a mate. Life is all about giving. In some instances, that means giving up something. – Rev Run

“Always have great mentors around you… The mentor is the one who comes to shorten the distance… The mentor can be the difference between success and failure… (Remember!) The difference between a fool and a wise man is, a fool learns after his mistake, and a wise man learns after yours”. – Rev Run

“The best way to disconnect from wrong people is to become obsessed with doing the right thing! When your obsession is to do the right thing, wrong people will find you unbearable.Believe me that overweight, lazy, unfocused people will not follow you to the gym! Nor do those up to no good”- Rev Run

“You need a great team to make great things happen! Plans succeed or fail because of the people involved! (Remember) YOU CANNOT whistle a symphony!”- Rev Run


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