Two of the world’s toughest financial survivors share their stories and insights on adversity, respect, debt, keys to success, and more.  Although they’ve followed distinctly different paths to wealth, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump share a common passion for raising financial literacy around the world.  Trump is the consummate deal-maker. Kiyosaki is the consummate educator.

As friends and collaborators in life and business they’ve taken on a shared mission to teach others how to survive and thrive in tough times. 


Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki Share Their Ultimate Keys To Success


Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki’s Success Rules To Live By:

  1. Instead of living under your means, work hard to expand.
  2. Think big and stay focused.
  3. Know your job. Whatever you do, be the expert.
  4. You must love what you do.
  5. Make a list of all your loans and bills. Pay starts gradually from the smallest to the largest until you have paid all.
  6. Use Societies (SA, SL, etc.) and other legal. Keep your name out of your business.
  7. There are four types of people: Employees, Self (experts), big business owners (like Bill Gates) and Investors. What kind of person are you?



  1. Listen the advices of the masters is always a precious opportunity. Pressure is, like they said, the critical aspect to grow in the business and the life.


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