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How To Look In The Mirror And See Greatness



We all doubt ourselves at one time or another. The temptation to believe that we are not enough or that we somehow “must” be so much more plagues us all.

We look in the mirror and see disappointment and our forever aging bodies. We have this so-called “ticking time bomb” of things we must get done today, tomorrow and in the years to come. We see our face in the mirror and try not to take a glimpse for too long.

We think that we are only worthy of truly looking at ourselves in the mirror when we have earned the recognition we believe we deserve. The goal posts always change, though, and we run the risk of never having the opportunity to look at ourselves and be proud of who we are.

We’re all becoming something each and every day. For the vast majority of us, I believe that we’re all becoming something special. We all have hopes and dreams, and we’re doing our best to achieve them.

For me, things started to change when I was able to look in the mirror and see greatness. Things changed when I was able to honestly believe that I was going to change the world in some meaningful way and that my life mattered.

This same experience that I have been lucky enough to have is something that I want for everyone. That’s why I wrote this article in the first place. I want you to know what that feeling is like when you look in the mirror and see how phenomenal you really are.

Here’s how to see greatness in yourself:

1. Ignore the voices

“There are voices in your head that are there to make you survive”

These voices tell you that it’s easier not to try or that you’re not ready. For you to see greatness, I want you to start ignoring them. I want you to question those voices like you were a police officer interrogating someone accused of murder.

These voices often lie to us and help us make comfortable decisions. What you should follow is your heart and your intuition. Try ignoring the voices in your head for a while and see what it does to your life. I promise you that you’ll be surprised with the outcome.

2. Focus on your best trait

We all fall into the trap of focusing on our weaknesses. The truth is we can’t be good at everything so why bother trying to be. I’ve tried in my life to be good at so many things and failed. Instead of focusing on the failures, I’ve started focusing on my single best trait.

Right now, that’s writing inspirational articles to help people in their life. That’s what I believe I’m good at and that’s what seems to be resonating with people in my friendship group. Trying to put my attention into lots of different pursuits all at the same time hasn’t worked.

It’s the same with productivity. If you read every book ever written on productivity, you’ll see that there will be at least one part of the book dedicated to focusing on just a few things. When you allow one of your strongest traits to get even stronger, you start to believe that you are great at something.

That one trait that has excelled beyond your others gives you a belief that maybe anything is possible. Once you experience this feeling with a single trait, the greatness feeling spreads to other areas of your life. It becomes a snowball effect.

3. Imagine you are like your heroes already

For a long time, I thought that my heroes were very different to me. I thought they had these superhuman lives that maybe were out of reach from an “average Joe” like myself.

As I got to know a few of these heroes, I realized that they are in fact not that much different to me. It’s the one percenters that they do slightly different to me that gives them all of their massive success.

Adopting the belief that you are already like your heroes changes your perspective. You begin to feel differently and like you’re significant. This significance can be turned into confidence that allows you to break through fear.

I’ve started to study my heroes and mimic their habits. Because I believe I can achieve the same as them, taking risks is now a given. Knowing that I’ll achieve my goals has become a must.

“You have to believe first before anyone else can start to believe in you”

How you feel about yourself matters. Those ridiculous insults you say to yourself are blocking the true person inside of you from escaping and unleashing all the passion, and talent that the world has to offer. You’re more talented and smarter than you think.

Your dreams are not impossible; all you have to do is believe.

4. Say “I Love Myself”

I read a book about a man who had lost it all including his very prosperous Silicon Valley startup. He thought his life was over and that the only thing he could do was commit suicide. Somehow he stumbled across the idea that if you look at yourself in the mirror and say “I Love Myself,” you can turn your life around.

He did this consistently every day, and now he’s written a best-selling book and gives talks all around the world about this simple life hack.

So I thought to myself “What the heck I should try this.” So I did, and the results were amazing. I started the day with more confidence, more energy and stopped focusing on my problems. I stopped thinking about the failed relationship I had just ended and focused on the idea that I am enough.

I’m not stupid, I’m not unlovable, I’m not insignificant, I’m just me. The same applies to you. I want you to take the challenge of looking at yourself every morning in the mirror and saying “I Love Myself.” At the start, it will feel like BS, but as you do it, the belief will build.

As you get to the next level, try and say “I Love Myself” with passion like you mean it. Embody the feeling of what it would be like if you really did love yourself. You’ll be surprised to learn at the end of this experiment that you can love yourself just the way you are.

This outcome then transcribes into the belief that your imperfections should be embraced. The things that you always thought were things to be ashamed of, actually make up who you are. You’re not flawed; you’re just human. It’s amazing to learn as Daft Punk said it that we are “Human After All.”

Don’t forget that fact the next time you look in the mirror and feel anything but greatness. Start believing. Start manifesting. You are enough. You are great.

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Tim is best known as a long-time contributor on Addicted2Success. Tim's content has been shared millions of times and he has written multiple viral posts all around personal development and entrepreneurship.You can connect with Tim through his website

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