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How To Improve Yourself In The Next 6 Months With Very Little Effort.




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Sounds like a huge claim doesn’t it? That Tim Denning Self-Help idiot is at it again isn’t he?

Wrong. Improving yourself in 6 months so that you can achieve all your big goals is easier than you think. A word of warning though, the advice is brutal but effective at the same time.

I’ve recently gone through this process myself and it’s changed everything in my life. My top four fears before the 6 month challenge were the following:

  1. Career change
  2. Getting married/kids
  3. Becoming a people leader
  4. Health issues

I overcame these fears by working on myself for the last six months.

Here are the steps I took:

Confront your fears head-on.

I’ve just told you my top four fears and you probably have your own list.

Unless you are honest with yourself and acknowledge your fears in writing, you’ll never conquer these invincible demons.

Harden up. Acknowledge your fears.

My top four fears were something I avoided for years. I was embarrassed to share them and even talk about them. I thought they’d magically take care of themselves.

I thought the fairies would come through my window at night and whisper in my ear the answer to my biggest fears. I was wrong”

Writing down my top fears and then writing down how each of them was ridiculous and full of false evidence is how I freed myself from them.

I conquered each one head on. You can do the same and you must if you want to improve in the next six months.

Stop giving a damn.

This next one is tightly linked to the first point. You can’t confront your fears or make progress unless you stop giving a damn.

Holding on to your BS stories and ways of doing things in the past is screwing everything up for you.

As of tomorrow, stop giving a damn.

Don’t waste any of your energy caring about useless things like what could happen if you make changes in your life, or sell your car, or make a bold move.

Before making a few changes in the last six months, I gave a damn about too many little things. Things that just don’t matter like what my family thought of my girlfriend or where I lived. It just didn’t matter.

When I gave in to my stupidly, insane, stubborn ways of the past and did what I knew I had to do, things got easier. I could go about my day without caring about so many small things that had previously distracted me from my dream of inspiring the world through personal development and entrepreneurship.

You can have the same beautiful realization as me if you stop giving a damn about all the small things.

Reduce everything.

The major improvements in your life will come from taking stuff away not adding more into your life.

Reduce Netflix time.
Reduce your belongings down by at least 25%.
Reduce your expenses by cutting off things you don’t need or that don’t serve your primary goals.

All of us have too much of everything and it’s sucking up the time we need to improve ourselves.

You can’t truly turn your life around unless you commit to focusing big chunks of time on just a few commitments.

Select one thing you’re going to achieve.

Not ten goals. Not twenty-five. One.

For the last six months my one goal has been to double down on my blogging. No more podcasts, speaking opportunities or coffee catchups I feel I must do. I took one goal, and I did it every single day — including my recent holiday to Europe where I posted something daily that could inspire people.

Even if I was on the train going between Rome and Florence, my daily habit was achieved no matter what. It was easy to remember because I’ve only committed to achieving one thing.

The power of doing one thing that matters the most to you will give you the fastest transformation and sense of fulfillment.

The challenge is to discover what that one thing is going to be for yourself.

Commit to discipline.

Fat? Stop eating sugar and exercise.

Smoke too much? Quit.

Bored of your job? Get a new career.

Friends dragging you down? Divorce them.

Nothing in your life will change in the next six months unless you commit to discipline and follow through with action. Everything you need to improve in the next six months is pretty straight-forward.

To make progress requires discipline. Not discipline for five out of seven days a week but every day. Not “I’ll eat clean during the week and then binge on the weekend.”

Discipline is taking the action which you know is good for you and not being tempted to shy away from that. After being disciplined for 6 months, you’ll find it hard to go back. The hard part is creating the habit.

Read a lot.

Many of the answers you need to improve yourself will come from reading books not watching what the Kardashians had for dinner last night.

Aim to read a few books a month on problems you want to solve.

If you’re trying to build a company, then read The Lean Startup.

If you need brilliant mentor advice, then read Tribe Of Mentors.

If you need a radical transformation, then read Unlimited Power or Think And Grow Rich.

Each person has their own challenges and the answers can be learned through someone else’s experience. Someone else has gone through what you’re going through — read about the solution, then radically implement it.

Get your phone, turn off all notifications except SMS and incoming calls.

This was a big one for me. My phone had taken over my life and I had no blank space to think.

“I deleted Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, WeChat and Slack”

Damn, it felt good.

Life is effortless when you’re in control and that will come from being insanely focused on the tasks you need to execute on.

Come up with a why for your entire life.

Now to be fully transparent I had this one in the bag over a year ago, but during the last six months, it was the pillar of everything else I did.

Unless you know why you need to change and why you exist, it’s hard to achieve anything. Whenever I look at my to-do list, I sort it by the tasks that are linked to my why above everything else.

This makes managing my calendar simple. I ask myself this question: “Does the request of my time support my why?”

You can ask yourself the same question once you know the why for your entire life. This why will evolve over time, so my recommendation would be to start somewhere. Don’t overthink your why in the beginning.

Have one life-changing moment.

Radical change (especially in the next 6 months) usually needs a defining moment. These moments can come from life naturally, but the trouble is it could take years. I chose to manufacture my one life-changing moment.

I attended an immersive event that was about lifestyle design. During that process, there was so much emotion linked to what I uncovered that I had several breakthroughs.

Putting aside time to work out what you’re going to do and to reflect on the past is how you find your one defining moment.

If you want a few suggestions of events that might trigger a life-changing moment for you than send me a note and I’m happy to tell you a few I’ve attended.

Invest some money in your future.

Most of us (including me) typically only save for the present or the near present financial goals we have.

Investing for the future is how you set yourself up to win. I chose three buckets to put my money in:

  1. A long-term index fund (5+ years until any withdrawal)
  2. Personal development courses and events
  3. Books from Amazon

By having a plan for the future, I’m setting myself up to win. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, you can still set up a few similar buckets and start filling them up right now.

Within 6 months, you’ll have more invested in your future than you thought was possible.

Make a stand and forget what people think of you.

Maybe people don’t like the way you dress. Screw them.
Maybe people think your dream career is stupid. Screw them.
Maybe people will think your poor based on your current financial situation.

Take their opinion and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

It’s time to make a stand and stop letting what everyone thinks of you and your goals hold you back. People that have time to judge you probably suck at their own goals. Remember that.

The fastest way to go nowhere in the next six months is to sit there daydreaming about what every person you know might think of you. You don’t need permission”

In fact, you don’t need endless advice either.

Most advice is biased and most people are not you, don’t understand you and have no idea how you feel. So with that freeing thought right there, go out and make the next six months the period of your life that defines you.

Take my last six months and use them as inspiration for your next six months.
You can improve yourself and do so with very little effort.

If you want to increase your productivity and learn some more valuable life hacks, then join my private mailing list on

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How Sports Can Greatly Improve Productivity in a Business




Image Credit: Unsplash

We have all known for a long time how valuable sport is for all spheres of our life. By leading an active lifestyle, you can improve your appearance and health, normalize your emotional state, and reduce stress. Among other things, sport can significantly influence your productivity at work and in business. 

How Sport Helps Well-Known CEOs to Succeed In Business

There are many examples of outstanding businessmen who do sports without any excuses and even with great pleasure. Exercising seems to support their passion for life and innovation, energize them, and move on. Let’s look at the prominent business representatives and their sports hobbies.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, prefers working out in the gym every day for an hour at 5 a.m. The head of Apple used to go in for rock climbing and still goes hiking. Cycling also remains one of his most important sports. In addition to playing sports, Cook goes to baseball and rugby matches. Also, he makes sure that he makes at least 8,000 steps per day. Tim believes that doing sports helps to avoid stress.

Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, goes in for sports at least three times a week. Most often he runs, sometimes even with his dog. Zuckerberg always likes to try new sports: surfing, foiling, fencing, rowing, or spear throwing. An interesting fact: in 2016, he challenged himself to run 365 miles during the year. He completed that goal in the middle of the summer. The Facebook founder believes that exercising allows him to stay more energetic. While energy is needed to complete any task at work, sports have become an integral part of his life. Mark claims that he frequently catches insights and new ideas during sports activities.

Nick Woodman, GoPro founder, with his love of surfing, was inspired to create one of the most famous companies in the world today. At first, he used the already existing tools to film his surfing sessions, which led to the idea of creating a professional camera for active sports. Besides surfing, he is known for his love for snowboarding and race car driving. He is confident that people deserve to do exactly what they love in their lives. This story, like no other, demonstrates the close connection between sports and business.

Larry Ellison, Oracle founder, is passionate about sailing. He often participates in risky sailing regattas. People say that Ellison was striving to get rich just in order to get himself a fashionable and expensive yacht. Now, he even owns his sailing team Oracle Team USA. In addition, he is famous for his love for planes and golf. Needless to say, Larry has assets in various sports clubs. Ellison asserts that ​​sports and competition keep people on their toes and give them the motivation to take new initiatives.

Do Sports and Business Have Something in Common? 

Evidently, sports and business have many things in common:

  • A unique sense of teamwork. Both in work and sports, you need to work in conjunction with all participants in the process. Sport, like nothing else, develops this ability to the maximum. If you want to win, play, taking into account the opinion of everyone in the team.
  • Ability to go all the way. In no sport can you reach the finish line by stopping halfway. It seems that exactly the same thing happens at work.
  • Skill to make every effort. Whatever you do, there is always someone who does it better. In such conditions, there are no options but to do your best to achieve the goal.
  • Competitiveness. What, if not sport, develops the value of the competitive spirit? The ability to accept a challenge from someone who is better than you is a skill that drives you so much in business.
  • Self-discipline. All athletes comply with the daily regimen, follow several specific rules every day to stay in good shape. Do the world’s top businessmen not follow the same principles?
  • Endurance. It so happens that you can lose 10 times in a row. And only the strongest and most prepared person will go to fight for the eleventh time. Such resilience is a must in both business and sports if you want to achieve something.

Tips on How to Sports Can Help You Succeed in Business

Let’s take lessons from these successful people and bring sports to our lives. There are a few life hacks that will make your  way to success smoother:

  • Try out different activities to figure out which one suits you the most. Sometimes you choose this very sport that, instead of bringing pleasure, demotivates you. There are a huge number of different workouts, from an elementary run on your own to squash in pair or team volleyball. Don’t give up if you didn’t find your passion on the first try.
  • Start small. If you are not planning to become the best athlete in the world, do not overload yourself at the very beginning. There are tons of workouts that last 7 minutes, for example. If you have demotivating fatigue after exercising, just slow down. Start small, and step by step it will become easier and more enjoyable for you.
  • Find like-minded people who motivate and challenge you. When a competitive spirit emerges, playing sports becomes even more exciting. You can go in for group sports and find friends. Or just chat in apps with those who are going towards the same goal. If you have a friend who also lacks the motivation to start, it’s a nice idea to start together!
  • Introduce sports into your daily routine. For example, you can create a ritual to do a short yoga workout between waking up and boiling the kettle.
  • Create a plan for the week ahead. Once you’ve made a plan for your workouts for a specific time, it is psychologically much easier to tune in to training. But don’t berate yourself too much if you missed a workout, catch up tomorrow.
  • Praise yourself. When you succeed, don’t underestimate it. Great efforts should be rewarded not only with a pumped-up body and a clear mind but also with self-love.

Now, no one can have the slightest doubt that sport helps you stay physically active and healthy, improve your emotional state, and excel in business. Start today and be successful forever!

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