Young Billionaire inspirational advice about a book to read

If you could ask a billionaire one question what would it be?

Dave Ramsey, a millionaire financial advisor, had his chance one afternoon. He had been looking forward to this meeting for a while and picked a simple question to ask:

What one book would you recommend for somebody who wants to achieve success?

The billionaire’s reply caught him off guard:

“When I asked him to recommend a business title, I was not prepared for his response: ‘Aesop’s Fable: The Tortoise and the Hare,’ he said. ‘Every time I read it, the tortoise wins. Slow and steady continues to win the race.’”


If you want to achieve insane goals, then you should practice pacing yourself. Persistence is often the secret to success.

I learned this lesson the hard way while building my first company. It was a painfully slow start. People didn’t immediately latch on to what I had to offer, and they sure weren’t ready to shell out their dollars. But I wasn’t giving up any time soon.

It took nearly 6 months to find my first paying customer. The next month I got 5 more. Today I’ve actually had to close that side of the business due to so many requests and have started building a more scalable service.

If you’re on the road towards success some stretches will feel like deserts. Keep going.

To help you make it to the finish line, and perfect your persistence here are 4 tips.


Be the tortoise not the hare-picture-quote


1. Get Creative

People like Benjamin Franklin and the Wright brothers are known for the persistence. Even against incredible odds they invented objects that have literally reshaped the human story.

What they don’t get enough credit for though is their creativity. They had to try hundreds of different solutions to solve their single issue.

When struggling against your own roadblocks, get creative. Try ridiculous methods of solving the problem. At the very least this will keep you interested and motivated to continue. At the most, you could end up in our history books.


2. Stoke Your Passion

It’s true that positive feelings alone will not get you to the finish line. But they can be a great source of strength.

Learn to use your passion as an anchor. Answer this question: What was your why for starting?

During those dry months of no sales I had to remember that my passion wasn’t just to have a successful business. I wanted to connect businesses and their audiences in a unique and meaningful way.

Remembering my why helped fuel my passion and which in turn made me more persistent.


3. Kill Doubt

In my opinion, nothing is more detrimental to a dream than a negative nancy. Don’t put up with it.

If you have friends, coworkers or even family members who are constantly pointing out your failures and hurting your motivation, shut them out. Your success is more important than other people’s opinions.

Cultivate a positive attitude in your life. Listen to podcasts, read books, and watch webinars that build into you. This will help to kill the doubt that springs out of your own head. This can be the most difficult battle to fight but you can win!


4. Stick to Your Purpose

It’s impossible to stick with something that is out of line with who you truly are. Finding your purpose is like finding your rhythm. It’s not easy at first, but the more you practice the more natural it becomes.

The more inline whatever it is you are trying to accomplish is with your purpose, the easier it will be to persist. Sometimes the reason you can’t see a project through is because it’s asking you to be someone you are not.

Slow and steady my friends. That is one key to success that you can begin to implement right away.

Persistence is rare. And that is why it wins.


Photo courtesy of Victor1558 via flickr


  1. This helped my memory…something I seem to loose when I’m rushing to make the mark smh…I definitely listen to supportive webinars and use them to keep doubt and disappointment out of the driver seat. Thank you so much for this article…

  2. Great article David! Thank you! I have a hard time reading books (I’d rather write them, 😉 ) but I do listen to podcasts and watch Inspirational vids all the time. These keep me focused on the big picture and wipe away any sort of self doubt. 🙂

  3. Persistence is a great avenue to success. Through relentless pursuit of one’s dream, one gets chance to try out a million ways of how to make it happen and alas. . . the right button is pressed.

    At one time, I almost gave up my global distribution business due to negativity from people but when I stuck to my WHY and made it more clear, I pressed on and now am growing bigger, stronger and louder. Just looking forward to recruit more independent sales representatives from new countries where we have not yet operated. And we will get them for I’ve come to learn out of experience that hundreds and hundreds of people all over the world are on the look out for something that can help them earn in direct proportion to their own effort without someone setting for them limits and deadlines.

  4. David, Thank You so much for this post. It really helped me to renew my energy and get back on track. I can always count on you to inspire me when I open your emails or go to your blog.

      • I’m sorry but I’ve just got to tell you that this comment has a flaw; you said “you never know when you’re hard work will finally pay off” I agree that as entrepreneurs we can’t always predict our exact outcome on some of our ventures however; NEVER SAY NEVER!

  5. Warren Cassell’s The Farm of Wisdom is another great book similar to Aesop’s Fables. It’s a nice collection of fables all set on a farm.


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