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4 Tips for Turning Your Passion Into Freedom



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Have you ever had the fantasy of just dropping all your s*** at work, walking out and going as far as humanly possible from all the BS in your life? I know I certainly did. Two years ago, I thought it would be crazy to be doing what I loved while living and traveling on the other side of the world.

It was always a dream of mine, but how many people do we know that actually get to live their dream? My dream was freedom – freedom to travel, freedom to work when and how I wanted to, and freedom to create every detail of my life the way I wanted it to be. I’ve been able to do that and live that – and you can too.

People often say they’re unable to accomplish their dream because of kids, lack of time, lack of money, lack of skill /experience, but all of these are false – it’s just programming that doesn’t let our minds find a way to a solution. If we can open up our minds and see clearly, there are so many ways to what you really want. While it’s true that our responsibilities will create a different road for all of us, freedom is still an option for anyone willing to put the time into investing in themselves.

“People are chasing cash, not happiness. When you chase money, you’re going to lose. You are just going to. Even if you do get the money, you are not going to be happy.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

It starts with being able to see it as a possibility – this starts the shift in focus from can’t happen to at least maybe it could. Often behind our excuses are fear, insecurity, lack of self-worth, and blame but at the end of the day, our life is our own creation. You owe it to yourself not to let past hurts hold you back from the life you dream of living.

You have to put yourself, your happiness, and your dream before your job. I get it, we all need money and enjoy the safety of a paycheck. Some of us really love our career for the validation of a job well done. But even if you love your career, creating something of your own is always more gratifying. This is your time on this earth to experience your life as you and nothing is more fulfilling than that.

Here are 4 great ways to overcome the roadblocks to your freedom:

1. Spend one hour a day on yourself

If you can give eight hours a day to your job, then you can give one hour per day to yourself living the way you want to. If you can spend an hour a day building the life you want, you’ll make tremendous progress. One hour per day is 365 hours per year. And the cool thing is, once you get going, it gets easier and easier and you don’t want to stop! If you’re short on time, just take 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there. There is always a way. 

One hour a day is what created the freedom for me starting out. I was working a normal job and my mentor forced me to spend one hour per day doing something – anything – toward my goal. After two weeks, I was pretty shocked by how much progress I had made by that time. My first sixty dollars I made for myself felt like a thousand compared to working for someone else. 

2. Find a mentor

Find five people who have done what you’re setting out to do (or the closest thing to it) and contact them. When you do, remember to give value first before asking for anything. Mentors have a funny way of pushing you to do five times more than you would do on your own.

3. Reaffirm daily what your objective is

Write down your goals and read them every day. Burn your goals into your mind. Filling your brain with thoughts of where you want to be, will get you there faster. Plus, the more you’re thinking about your goals, the more solutions can occur to you. The clearer the essence of your goals, the clearer the solution. 

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do… Don’t settle.” – Steve Jobs

4. Get help

Whether you need a cheerleading squad or a therapist, getting help is a great idea. It ranges from finding people to help with your mindset and letting go of doubt or insecurity to someone to bounce ideas off of. Personal assistants that help out for a few hours a week can surprisingly be a lot of help! (This can be as little as two hundred dollars a month).

It’s so easy to read this and think we will passively apply these but most people will just forget it tomorrow. You can be the person who takes these steps and lives the kind of life that most people will never experience. And I hope you do. Go and live your best life ever!

Zachariah Bourne is the Author of the upcoming book "Blissed Out". He’s a writer for Success Magazine and Huff Post and Co-Authors articles with Jacquelyn Denissoff. As a producer, songwriter and artist living in NYC, he uses music as a way to spread the message of positivity to the world. Follow him on Instagram or go check out his YouTube.

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20 Ways You Can Become a Powerful Communicator



Emile Steenveld Speaker and Coach

Some people seem to naturally know how to effectively communicate in a group setting. They can express themselves clearly and listen attentively without dominating the conversation.

Being a powerful communicator is important for several reasons, including building and maintaining relationships, achieving goals, resolving conflicts, improving productivity, leading and influencing others, advancing in your career, expressing yourself more confidently and authentically, and improving your mental and emotional well-being. Effective communication is an essential life skill that can benefit you in all aspects of your life.

But, don’t worry if you don’t naturally possess this skill, as effective communication is something that can be developed with practice, planning and preparation.

1.  Listen actively: Practice active listening by giving your full attention to the speaker and responding to what they are saying.


2. Use “I” statements: Speak from your own perspective and avoid placing blame or making accusations.


3. Avoid assumptions: Don’t make assumptions about what the other person is thinking or feeling.


4. Be clear: Express your thoughts and feelings clearly and concisely by getting to the point and avoid using jargon or overly complex language.


5. Show empathy: Show that you understand and care about the other person’s feelings.


6. Offer valuable insights: When speaking in a group, provide a valuable takeaway or actionable item that people can walk away with.


7. Be an active listener: Listen attentively and respond accordingly, incorporating your points into the conversation.


8. Choose the right time: Pick the most opportune time to speak to ensure that you have the group’s attention and can deliver your message without interruption.


9. Be the unifying voice: Step in and unify the group’s thoughts to calm down the discussion and insert your point effectively.


10. Keep responses concise: Keep responses short and to the point to show respect for others’ time.


11. Avoid unnecessary comments: Avoid commenting on everything and only speak when you have something important to say.


12. Cut the fluff: Avoid being long-winded and get straight to the point.


13. Prepare ahead of time: Sort out your points and practice them before speaking in a group.


14. Smile and be positive: Smile and nod along as others speak, to build a positive relationship and be respected when it’s your turn to speak.


15. Take responsibility: Take responsibility for your own actions and feelings.


16. Ask questions: Ask questions to clarify any confusion or misunderstandings.


17. Avoid interrupting: Allow the other person to finish speaking without interruption.


18. Practice active listening: Repeat what the other person said to ensure you have understood correctly.


19. Use your body language too: Use nonverbal cues such as eye contact, facial expressions, and body language to convey your message and build rapport.


20. Be aware of the tone of your voice: it should be calm and assertive, not aggressive or passive.


By keeping these tips in mind, you can improve your communication skills and become a more powerful communicator, which can help you build better relationships, achieve your goals, and lead a more fulfilling life.

I you want to learn how to become more confident in life then you can join my weekly mentorship calls and 40+ online workshops at so you can master your life with more success.

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