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3 Things That Highly Successful People Do



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We all go through ups and downs in life. Most of the experiences we encounter, either make us or break us. We can either learn from them or succumb to the uncertainty that lies around us. The choice is ours.

On the contrary, successful people view life with a different lens. For them, everyday is a new challenge and life is a risk they welcome with open arms. They are seldomly afraid and never look back. The only thing that matters to them is their own success and hard work; for which they are willing to give their 100%.

Our success depends on what kind of a person we wish to be. Around 80% of the people fail to achieve their goals because they do not have a clear vision of where they want to be. Purpose is one thread in the journey of life that makes us more of who we are; it makes us discover our true self. Purpose pulls. It makes us push our limits and tells us to never give up. 

Several notable people in the field of business and innovation have shared their own ideas of success. They have spoken about the kinds of habits and discipline routine that has always kept them on-the-go. It’s important to learn from the best. They have shared their experience and learnings for a better tomorrow; leaders who shall guide their followers on what success should actually look like.

  1. J.K. Rowling – The famous ‘Harry Potter’ series writer had a rough childhood. She never thought she could make it to the hall of fame. Yet her perseverance and determination made her write one of the most loved books in the history of writing. She says, “It’s all about who you want to be. Failure can only make you realise that life comes with surprises, open yours with all love.”
  2. Oprah WinfreyHaving endured the pangs of suffering, pain, agony and distress, Oprah has emerged as one of the leading ladies in the world of talk shows and inspiration. She has inspired everyone around to turn their lives upside down and believe in the beauty of their dreams. She has successfully launched OWN and now inspires millions to never give up and keep going, no matter what happens!

The famous author, Brian Tracy, has beautifully summed up the habits of successful people. Some people tend to make it a habit to follow what’s right. They are passionate about what they do, and that’s what takes them to great lengths. Here’s the list:

  1. They are action-oriented
  2. They are goal-oriented
  3. They are result-driven
  4. They are people oriented
  5. They are health conscious
  6. They are self-disciplined
  7. They are honest

“I have learned that champions aren’t just born; champions can be made when they embrace and commit to life-changing positive habits.” – Lewis Howes

Here are 3 things successful people do that makes them who they are:

1. Being the best at what they do

Consistency and discipline are the keys to a successful and prosperous future. When we are determined, we do not let anything come in the way of achieving our goals. 

Continuous improvement and practice is what makes successful people the best at what they do. They constantly improve themselves, read about stuff that matters, and never shy away from learning new things. This is one of the ingredients to their glory.

2. Not falling prey to the opinion of others

Someone once said, “If people are not laughing at you, your dreams are too small.” People who set out to do something different are most often ridiculed and criticized. The choice that they have is to listen to others and let them control what they do or simply move on and focus on their goals. Successful people focus on the latter. What the world thinks is none of their concern. People always talk otherwise.

“Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.” – Horace Mann

3. Learning from experience

We all encounter different kinds of situations in our lives. Some of us choose to fight while others choose to use the flight option. People who are made for success always fight; they learn from their mistakes and are constantly on the path of improving themselves. They do not stress over the past and find quick ways to move on. That’s what makes them always stay on-the-go and achieve success.

Successful people aren’t born or made, they create their own destiny. It’s always said that people who are successful are born with a silver spoon; which is just not true. Emerging from hardships and gathering the courage to pursue the best in life is worth the talk. Inspiration and motivation is all about finding new ways to live and never giving up. Life will always come with its own challenges and opportunities. We can only learn to live with them. 

What do you think is one habit that contributes to a successful future? Share your thoughts below!

My name is Ashi Bhargave. I believe in making a difference in the world we live in. I'm on a mission to inspire and motivate millions. I'm a MBA, a LSE alumni and a mass media graduate. As Far is my nurtured motivational and inspirational start-up blog where I write about things that matter. I'm a passionate writer and reader and I love to explore new things!

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Success Advice

How to Choose the Best Affiliate Programs for Your Blog

If you follow these steps, you can create an affiliate marketing plan that makes money, fits well with your content, and connects with your readers



how to choose the best affiliate programs for your blog

Picking the right affiliate programs for your blog is really important. It can make a big difference in how much money you can make and how much your readers get out of your blog. With so many choices out there, deciding which ones to go with can be tricky. 

This guide is here to make it easier for you. It will give you clear steps and helpful tips to choose affiliate programs that fit well with what your blog is about, what your readers like, and what you stand for. 

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Understanding Affiliate Marketing

Before you start picking affiliate programs, it’s important to really understand what affiliate marketing is and how it works. 

Basically, affiliate marketing is when you promote a product or service on your blog, and then you get paid a little bit every time someone buys something or does something because you recommended it. 

It’s great for both the person selling the product and the blogger, because the seller gets more sales with low risk, and the blogger can make money from their blog.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Programs for Your Blog

1. Assess Your Niche and Audience

The key to doing well in affiliate marketing starts with really knowing what your blog is about and who reads it. Consider the following:

  • Your blog’s content: What topics do you cover? Ensure the products or services you promote are relevant.
  • Your audience’s interests and needs: What solutions are they seeking? Choose affiliate programs that offer products or services that solve their problems or enhance their lives.

2. Research Potential Affiliate Programs

Once you know what your blog is about and what your readers want, start looking for affiliate programs. Choose ones that are well-known for good products, great customer service, and helpful support for affiliates. Resources to find these programs include:

  • Affiliate networks like ShareASale, Commission Junction, and ClickBank.
  • Direct searches for “[Your Niche] affiliate programs” in search engines.
  • Recommendations from other bloggers in your niche.

3. Evaluate the Commission Structure

The commission structure is a critical factor to consider. Look for programs that offer competitive rates that make your efforts worthwhile. Consider:

  • The percentage of commission per sale.
  • Whether the program offers a flat rate per action (e.g., per sign-up).
  • The cookie duration, which affects how long after a click you can earn commissions on sales.

4. Consider the Program’s Reputation and Sureness

Join affiliate programs with a solid reputation for quality and sureness. This not only ensures that you’re promoting good products but also that you’ll be paid on time. You can:

  • Read reviews from other affiliates.
  • Check the program’s history and background.
  • Look for any complaints or issues reported online.

5. Analyze the Support and Resources Offered

A good affiliate program gives you things like ads to use, training on their products, and helpful managers. Having access to these resources can really help you do a better job at promoting their products.

6. Understand the Terms and Conditions

Before signing up, thoroughly review the program’s terms and conditions. Pay close attention to:

  • Payment thresholds and methods.
  • Any restrictions on how you can promote their products.
  • The program’s policy on affiliate marketing on social media platforms.

7. Test the Product or Service

If possible, test the product or service before promoting it. This firsthand experience allows you to offer genuine charge and build trust with your audience.

8. Look for Recurring Commission Opportunities

Some affiliate programs pay you again and again for subscriptions or services that charge fees regularly. These can provide a more stable income compared to one-time sales commissions.

Implementing Your Choice

After choosing the best affiliate programs, the next step is to smoothly include your affiliate marketing in your content plan. This includes:

  • Creating valuable content that naturally incorporates affiliate links.
  • Disclosing your affiliate affairs transparently to maintain trust with your audience.
  • Tracking your results to understand what works best for your audience and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

Picking the best affiliate programs for your blog involves careful planning, research, and making sure they match what your audience likes and needs. 

If you follow these steps, you can create an affiliate marketing plan that makes money, fits well with your content, and connects with your readers. 

The real key to doing well with affiliate marketing isn’t just about the products you talk about, but also how much your audience trusts and values your advice. 

With enough time, patience, and hard work, your blog can grow into a successful space that earns a good amount of affiliate money and helps your readers choose the right products.

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