Dani Johnson Quotes

Dani Johnson wasn’t always a successful millionaire and life coach. At one point in her life she was homeless and just scraping by, working as a cocktail waitress until she said “I’ve had enough“. Dani turned her life around and managed to reach a million dollars in earnings in just under 2 years.

Dani Johnson now travels the world helping 100’s of thousand’s of people to become successful in all areas of their life, all while giving back to those in need. Dani has featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, Forbes, Fox and ABC’s Secret Millionaire. What an inspiring woman she is!

So here are a collection of 20 inspirational Dani Johnson quotes that will inspire your mind and motivate success in you.



Dani Johnson Quotes


“Never stop being teachable. If you think you know everything, you will never learn anything.” – Dani Johnson

“Work harder on you than everyone else and you will become unusually successful.” – Dani Johnson

“If you never step up, you never step forward.” – Dani Johnson

“While most people are shrinking their dreams constantly to fit within their income circle, 2% of the population are finding ways to increase their income to fit their dreams’ circle.” – Dani Johnson

“If you thought you’d never do something big with your life because of your upbringing, your circumstances or your imperfections, you are SO WRONG.” – Dani Johnson

“You are not defined by your circumstances. You are defined by how you react to those circumstances!” – Dani Johnson

“Most people work a lot harder on their outside looks than they do on their heart.” – Dani Johnson

“Is Your Ego Bigger than Your Bank Account?” – Dani Johnson

“No matter what you do or what industry you are in, make a decision to master the basics. I promise it will pay off! Do not get bored in the basics. Do not settle for “good enough”. It’s time to truly master the basics!” – Dani Johnson

“What happens when you make a DECISION and leave NO ROOM for failure? YOU SUCCEED!” – Dani Johnson

“Procrastinating might help you get by, but it won’t lead you down the path to success. The only thing you can do to beat procrastination is to take action.” – Dani Johnson

“When you have a vision for your money, when you have a purpose for making money, you will make more of it.” – Dani Johnson

“Success is never convenient. In fact, neither is failure, so no matter what you are going to be inconvenienced.” – Dani Johnson

“Dreams come true EVERYDAY for those who are willing to WORK for them.” – Dani Johnson

“Ninety-eight percent of the population will end up dead or broke by age 65. Only two percent of the population will succeed. Where do you want to be?” – Dani Johnson

“Waiting, thinking and procrastinating will keep you broke. What is more important than anything is to START!” – Dani Johnson

“Word’s are powerful – they can either limit you or position you for success.” – Dani Johnson

“No matter what economy we’re living in, there’s ALWAYS opportunity!” – Dani Johnson

“Most people fail because they walk away from what they have already built because they have been seduced by shiny objects, better opportunities, or better jobs.” – Dani Johnson

“One thing you need to realize, is that your life is not your own. Every decision you make affects others and reflects on others.” – Dani Johnson

“You can choose to be a person ruled by excuses or choose to be one that is actively changing their life and radically impacting others”. – Dani Johnson

“ACT. Actions kills procrastination and creates momentum to keep yourself motivated to keep moving ahead.” – Dani Johnson

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If you have any favorite Dani Johnson quotes that I might have missed please share them with us in the comments section below.



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