I dropped by Lewis Howes house today to get to know the man that has been plastered all over my Facebook feed for the past 6 months.

Lewis Howes is the host of “The School of Greatness Podcast” that has racked up over 9 million plays and the author of the new book “The School of Greatness” that is a real-world guide to living bigger, loving deeper, and leaving a legacy.

During this interview Lewis goes deep with what it means to be a great individual, how he exploded his online business to the millions and how you can become remembered when you leave this world.

Something Lewis shared with me during our conversation after the interview is that “sometimes you have to leave the good to make room for the great“… And he has lived this last decade, doing just that, making sacrifices, giving back and hustling his way to the top to achieve his dreams and inspire as many people as possible while he’s at it.

Lewis is a big thinker, a massive action taker and someone who came here to be remembered.

Listen to the podcast below and get your hands on “The School of Greatness” today.



Lewis Howes School of Greatness



  1. Hey Joel,

    Great interview with a great guy! Lewis Howes sure does pack a lot into life and it’s interesting to hear the distinction he makes about making space for greatness by letting go of “good.” I guess that’s hard for most of us, me included. When something’s good, it’s hard to let it go but it makes sense that we need to make room for anything bigger or better in our lives. Lewis is certainly a living example of this.

  2. I had to run and couldn’t write all that I wanted but needed to leave a message so I can return to write what I truly feel. This podcast I wish the entire universe could hear. This man is so positive, kind, giving and such an awesome business man that I wish every person could get the chance to listen to him.
    I love the way he had that book in his dream for eight years writing it, going to Barnes & Noble picturing his book on the front shelf. Now it’s reality and all his dreams came through in eight short years. That is a man with a vision and who refuses to let it die.
    I learn a lot from him and most definitely will be following his lead.


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