(Video) The Power Of Music – A Motivator To Awaken Your Mind!

(Video) The Power Of Music – A Motivator To Awaken Your Mind!

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This video shows us the power of music. Is music one of the tools we can use for extreme motivation? Maybe so.

Watch on as this old and close to mute man is converted into an animated and jovial person who is motivated by hearing music from his era through an iPod.


The Power Of Music – A Tool For Great Motivation


Great Music Quote:

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche



  1. Thank u A2S for this moving video. I’m a grown man and I could not stop crying! My God the power of music. Very touching.

  2. Music is an emotional experience. I believe successful musicians must be prepared to create and sell not just songs and tunes but an emotional experience. What the music did for the gentleman was to reawaken old emotions that had strong ties to some of his precious memories.

    It seems as the body fades and the mind goes at the twilight of life, emotions maybe all that we have left to nourish us. Therefore, it follows then that we create a sound track of life to which our most precious memories are strongly tied.

  3. Its really amazing how he started having conversations after hearing the music, I’m not sure what the music did to him but it probably refreshed a part of his memory

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