Wolf of Wall Street Dicaprio

The Wolf Of Wall Street
Jordan Belfort” who I was lucky enough to meet in person a couple months ago for a work conference spoke to us about the importance of learning from your past mistakes and setting your goals to the highest degree to achieve financial success.

Jordan Belforts Best Selling book “The Wolf Of Wall Street” has been snatched up by Hollywood Director Martin Scorsese and is being filmed as we speak with Leonardo Di Caprio acting as Jordan with hopes of a 2013 release.

This 2 Part Video is an interview with Jordan Belfort explaining how he became known as “The Wolf Of Wall Street” and how he lost his Hundreds of Millions of Dollars by making the wrong decisions in business.


Jordan Belfort – The Wolf Of Wall Street Pt 1


Jordan Belfort – The Wolf Of Wall Street Pt 2



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