This Infographic will open your mind to some creative and interesting job opportunities that may be within your reach.

This awesome Infographic is created by the good guys over at, and they would love to share with you, 25 Rare Jobs That Will Make You Good Money.


(Infographic) 25 Odd Jobs That Make Good Money

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25 Rare Jobs That Could Make You Wealthy
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  1. Paid for watching tv? Good job. Becoming a scarecrow also is a good fun idea. Sperm donor can be little embarassing though.. a film recently got made in India on this idea.
    Mystery shopper is also a good idea to know marketing and other ideas.

  2. Great list!

    Regarding being movie extra. There’s no guarantee you’ll earn $200 per day. If you’re hired as a ‘principle’ aka lead extra, you could earn $200 or more per day (sometimes as much as $1,000 per day). However, if you’re hired as a ‘regular’ extra (in a crowd), you could earn minimum wage per day. The work day is usually a regular ‘eight hour’ work day. I know this to be true because I was an extra in the movie “Middle Men” in 2009 and earned minimum wage for my time on the set. It was worth it because I learned a lot about film making. I also realized that screenwriting was a path I wanted to pursue in addition to my other writing paths.


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