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Are You Excited To Be Part of Something BIGGER than YOURSELF?


Joel-BrownNEWI started Addicted2Success around 6 years ago with the intention of becoming the #1 hub spot for motivation and self development. We have since been able to achieve this through the community and following we have inspired around the brand and have impacted more than 80 million lives in the process.

We do this every day because we believe in self development. Because we believe that the world will be a much better place if we focus on becoming a person of value so that we can share that value with others. Do you share the same vision to?


This will be another huge end of year for “Addicted2Success” as we expand our products, services, content, and exposure.

I am excited to be offering two keen people the opportunity to intern and work along side me in expanding our reach and growing the Addicted2Success brand to 10X what it is currently running at right now, (At the moment we are at 110 Million Views World-Wide).

My team members and I will be mentoring two lucky interns. Showing them how to sky-rocket an online brand to multi-millions, and how to turn an online business into pure profits.



– I was offered three “Million Dollar offers” for Addicted2Success last year and turned all of them down, as the potential for growth and impact with A2S is going to be massive and worth a lot more than just money.

We have interviewed 100’s of high profile achievers, i.e.,… Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Grant Cardone, John Assaraf, Gabby Bernstein, T.Harv Eker, etc…. and will continue to feature and interact with some of the world’s top authorities via podcast interviews and filmed interviews that are face to face with the experts.

We just launched the Addicted2Success App on iPhone and Android and we have more on the way.

– We have a combined Social Media following of 2.4 Million followers, and we have reached 110 Million views World Wide in the last 6 years.

– The Addicted2Success podcast is approaching 1.4 Million Plays/Downloads.


THE PERKS of Being An Addicted2Success Intern

Join-Us-A2S– This year we are building a number of new revenue streams and will eventually move into the LIVE event space for conferences around the world.

– You will not only learn the ropes on how you can become a full-time, highly paid blogger, but you will be the first priority when we are ready to offer paid positions at Addicted2Success mid next year (2017).

– We are growing our connections with world class Authors, Speakers, Millionaires and Entrepreneurs and I need a team who can be a part of the interviews and content we are putting out to the masses.

– The beauty of operating online means that you can be a part of this with me from anywhere in the world and we can arrange monthly mastermind’s online or over the phone or Google Hangout if you are not located in LA (where I’m usually located).


Who and What we are looking for:

We are looking for open minded, ambitious people who dream big and get what the Addicted2Success brand is all about. Self Development needs to be one of your top values as the content and conversations will revolve around that.

If you are skilled in any of the below areas then you have a better chance of scoring the position on the team. If you aren’t then we are still willing to consider your interest as we will be training you in multiple areas to increase your skills: 

WordPress* (this is a MUST)

Photoshop Skills

Writing Blog Posts

Video Editing

Audio Editing


Graphic Design


Sales Copy


WHAT I NEED FROM YOU (If you are interested)

If you are interested in this opportunity and you are ready to work with a next level company that will transform your CV and change your life, then please send the following things to me with your expression of interest:

– A copy of your CV

– One paragraph about why you feel you would be a great intern with Addicted2Success. If you could shoot a video then this is even better (just an idea).

– Something cool about you that I don’t already know (brag away!)

– A link to some of your work whether it’s video, audio, guest post articles or your own blog.


Please E-mail: with the Title: “INTERN Request” along with your CV, links and any extra info you feel is necessary.


Looking forward to your response.

Thanks and Good Luck!









Joel Brown
CEO & Founder

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