In this video, I share 5 powerful ways I identified I was going down the wrong path, so you can do the same.


Are you on the right path?

Do you know the signs that you’re not?

Do you know what to do about it?


Many go about their days distracted or hypnotized

– by the paychecks

– by the instant gratification

– by perceived by label and status


We assume these are markers of achievement and success.

I did. For 4.5 years I thought I was when I was in my career managing songwriters and producers.

I was making money. I was partying. I was doing things. My life was popular.


I later realized I was:

– becoming materialistic and focused on what people can do for me

– waiting on others to tell me what was next for me to achieve

– imitating other people’s interpretation of success

– doing things for the sake of approval from others


I wasn’t truly living MY life. I was living a life driven by the expectations of others.

I wasn’t behind the wheel. I remember reaching a point waking up every morning

with a knot in my stomach…


Some of the Things I Cover In this Video

I had to look deep within to truly know something was not right.

Here are some of the questions I asked myself that helped me to clarity and can help you:

– Are you losing trust in yourself and leaning on the opinion of others?

– Are you uneasy about the things you have to do to be successful?

– Are you constantly feeling anxious with a sense of no control over your life?

– Is your drive fuelled by proving yourself to others?

– Are you neglecting your own needs?


Tomorrow, I’ll share with you ways to identify people that are not compatible with your path.


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  1. The fact that I answered “yes” to all your questions shows I need to make a lifestyle change. I definitely knew I needed a change before reading this blog, but this blog helps as confirmation. Thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Hey Joel,
    this makes me scared. I always put so much energy to build my production company and then when it comes down to actually producing something for my clients I hate it.
    I want to make movies. Not social media video. It’s completely different.
    I’m afraid never to live my dream but a compromise instead.

  3. Thank you so much for the inspiration, Joel! I can resonate 100% with your story, had a sense of proving other people wrong after being bullying during my time in school. This brought in bullshit situations where I got the respect of my parents and society, but my gut was telling me every day that it’s wasn’t the right place for me, in short, that I wasn’t accomplishing my real purpose. Three years ago I started to place bets on myself, still, I’m not in the position where I feel like I’m achieving 100% my purpose, but I’m working every day to get myself closer to that situation, and in the meantime, I keep enjoying the process. Thanks for being her Joel!


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