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Why You Shouldn’t Perceive Suffering as Being Synonymous to Success



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Ask anyone on the streets about their role model’s life and success, the only dimension they know will always be suffering. Is this the case with you? This is a very unpleasant situation not only as a person but also as a civilization. The problem with people these days is that they consider experiencing adversities as an essential part of achieving their goals. This doesn’t have to be true.

Popular Perception Of Success As Per The Media

They say the cinema is the reflection of civilization and I totally agree with it. All the media is filled with stories of immense struggle and achievement. While there is nothing wrong with that, they all fancy with hardships and distress as major drivers of a positive outcome. Some of the popular examples come from celebrities’ personal lives. Every music enthusiast knows that Jim Morrison had a rough personal life. Of course, he had his fair share of problems, but who hasn’t? 

A whole narrative on various media platforms considers enduring pain as a prerequisite to success. Perhaps, that is the worst way to cherish our goals. Uploading a selfie with a quote about hardships late at night is not going to make us become great. Hence, we need a thing that actually works. 

What People Should Discuss: Adrian Carton

The British Army had a soldier who went by the name Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart. Now, this guy is a timeless example of how an ideal war hero should be. Read the major highlights of his military career.

Part A:

  • Service span: Over six decades
  • Participation in major wars: 3. (Including World War 1 & 2)
  • Highest honour received: Victoria Cross

Part B:

  • Started his martial career: Underaged, without acknowledging his father.
  • Major injuries: Lost one arm, an eye, two fingers (he bit them off upon denial by a surgeon), shot at just near the spinal cord.
  • Minor injuries: Well, he was wounded countless times while leading the battle from the front.
  • Captivity: His plane to Yugoslavia was shot down, crashed in the Mediterranean. Swam to the shore at the age of sixty, captured by Italians. Remained a Prisoner of War (POW) for two years.

If you think that this is a lot of pain, this is what he had to say about it: “Frankly, I enjoyed the war.”

Bad events or circumstances are not necessary stepping stones for getting anywhere. What you might have considered as great suffering, he literally enjoyed every bit of his career as a warlord. He didn’t win gallantry awards for getting injured. Those injuries were the results of his desire to participate in wars. So, for him, everything was expected and these are the kind of heroes we need.

Why To Neglect Suffering

It is very clear that suffering is not existential in nature. You saw that both of these people had tragic aspects of their lives. While by no means do I disrespect Jim’s genius, but at what level does all of his misery meet that of Carton de Wiart? Only at the psychological level! All of his mishappenings could never equate the war hero’s lifestyle and yet he died out of them. The latter died at the age of 83, after displaying all the courage and chivalry under the sun.

The negative experiences are often one’s own created problems. Remember the square wheel example? Only if you have a round wheel can you drive smoothly. All the problems that pain you personally are nothing but psychological dramas. They are simply a part of our limited reality which don’t contribute to anything but our emotional turmoil. Mostly, it is a hypothetical pursuit which everyone needs to avoid if they want to get anywhere close to their goals.

Take A Pragmatic Approach To Success And Life At Large

Mostly, I find that people say ‘Bon Voyage’ and not ‘faire avoir pas bon voyage.’ It is necessary to have a good and safe journey in our lives too. Anything unwanted is a natural outcome and accept that it is the other side of the same coin. These fallbacks can help you recalibrate your efforts or seek new tools and methods to get your dreams to come true. Victories are always gratifying and they need us to do everything required with the right method.

Sadguru said these words for Steve Jobs and his management philosophy: “If you did not design it, Koreans would have.” It makes complete sense because he brought unnecessary hostility and abrupt dramatization of otherwise simple office work. Practicality not only enhances your perception of life but also improves your odds to make it to the triumphs you always sought.

Summing Up

We aren’t as vital to the world as we might think. If any of us disappeared for three weeks without leaving any information, we would be replaced within two weeks. The earth was doing great, well before we existed and will continue to do so long after we are done. 

You should live life to the fullest and be in a trance-like state while experiencing your journey on the planet. Whatever may it be, you are here to celebrate your efforts, and leave the results to God or destiny, whichever you prefer.

I hope that you agree upon the fact that success is nowhere synonymous with suffering and the right attitude is the key to smoothen the path to our ultimate visions.

What are your thoughts on how the media and society portray success? Do you think it’s correct, or do you have a different version? Share your thoughts below!

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