Creativity, given to us to develop great and wonderful things in life an to accomplish innovative goals we have sprouted from something that once was a tiny little figment of your imagination. Ideas are vital in building Fortune 500 businesses and reaching anything more than satisfactory in most parts of life.

Some of the lucky people out there are oozing of creativity and others may come up with one good idea once a year, whoever you are and whatever you do, creativity is that spring board that can take you to the next level.


29 Effective Ways To Stay Creative


  1. Simple yet effective! It reminded me of basic principles I already follow. I just needed to be reminded, since we all too often get caught up in this grueling world of business, competition and the fight for success…..when all the while it was within (most of) us. (As for Sally, when a company copys you, it is the highest form of compliment. Your campaigns maybe so good they just can top them, or they are not creative enough to genuinely come up with it themselves! Keep being great! Remember, “When we look down at the obstacles in life we tend to not look up at the goal”. One can get lost very easily with the small stuff…….but in the long run it’s all insignificant.

  2. This couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time! I needed this. I’ve been recently dealing with a competitor that copies everything my company does! No copyright infringement or anything illegal, but for example: when we created a Twitter account, they did too. When we started a blog, they did too. When we hosted a food and clothing drive, they did too. If we do group events and take group photos, they do too! It’s really obvious because everything is done within a few days of when we do things. I don’t know what else to about this but just take it as a compliment and continue to “up my game” per se, and do everything in my creative abilities to help the business continue to grow even with the copy cat competitor. Thanks!

  3. Yea I agree i really love this site you have tons of great stuff and videos that what i truly love very inspiring stuff keep it up!
    -Louie owner of

  4. I love coming to this so Inspiring website:)) and the quotes on Twitter. I know too well some people are never positive, an then they wonder why their life is so negative…we are what we tell our self we are..and that’s why I Choose a Positive Mind!! a Positive mind and All things are possible to achieve:) Im also learning to turn to Positive people on internet. I want to Thank You for your inspiring videos an stories~~ God Bless, Diane N.C.


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